Tactics & Strategies For Hooking Up With Lonely Housewives & cougars

OnlineBootyCall.com Review

I had really high hopes for Online Booty Call, but those hopes were soon dashed after paying for my membership. This site is proof that there is no truth in advertising. You’re unlikely to get any booty calls out of the time you spend on this site, so if you sign up, don’t hold your […]

MaritalAffair.com Review

About the only notoriety I can offer Marital Affair is that they somehow managed to be the very worst lonely housewife & Cougar dating site on the web, and that’s no easy feat! There are so many really awful ones out there that a site has to be a total joke to fill this spot. […]

LiketoCheat.com Review

Out of all of the lonely housewife and coungar dating sites I reviewed, LiketoCheat was scraping the bottom of the barrel. I was only able to give it one out of five stars, and only one site had worse results. To say that it was a complete flop would be an understatement. Nearly everything that […]

HushAffair.com Review

Hush Affair does not impress on any level. I can only speculate that the people who own this site didn’t do their homework by studying successful cougar dating sites, and it would appear that they hired a high school kid as a web designer. But really, the site’s design is just the tip of the […]

Gleeden.com Review

There is no glee to be found on Gleeden. When it comes to lonely housewife dating sites, this one is a total flop. I spent a lot of time and energy trying to make the best of it, but there are some experiences that just can’t be redeemed. One of those things would be joining […]

EliteFling.com Review

Elite Fling might have been one of the most disappointing affair dating sites I had to review. Unlike a lot of the negative reviews, the problems with this site weren’t immediately evident. The site was designed well, it was easy to use, and after setting up a profile I was happy to see that there […]

DiscreetAdventures.com Review

I’m just going to cut to the chase and tell you that my experience with Discreet Adventures totally pissed me off. From issues with billing to the complete lack opportunities for meeting real women for sex, this whole thing would have been enough to make me give up on lonely housewife dating sites forever if […]

DatingAffair.com Review

DatingAffair is yet another example of a lonely housewife site and cougar that makes big promises, but doesn’t deliver jack. Everything about this site is a total disappointment. It was one of the biggest wastes of time and money I’ve ever experienced, and I’m going to cover all of the reasons you should avoid it […]

AttachedPeople.Com Review

My experience with Attached People turned out to be a series of disappointments, and had I not been committed to researching it for the purpose of this review, I would have felt like a total schmuck for sticking around for as long as I did. I’m nothing if not devoted to the cause, though. So […]

AffairConnect.com Review

Affair Connect caught my attention while I was deciding which bored and lonely housewife dating sites to review. I was curious about it, as I had seen the name several times, but had never met anyone who had actually used it. Usually, this doesn’t bode well for a sex dating site, but I always try […]