review-eliteflingElite Fling might have been one of the most disappointing affair dating sites I had to review. Unlike a lot of the negative reviews, the problems with this site weren’t immediately evident. The site was designed well, it was easy to use, and after setting up a profile I was happy to see that there appeared to be a lot of attractive women that appeared to be real married women seeking affairs. So this was sure to be a good experience, right? WRONG. I was in for a different type of disappointment than what I usually encounter on bad affair dating sites, and it might be the first time in years that I’ve been genuinely surprised by my experience on an affair dating site.

The Housewives on EliteFling Are Gold Diggers

Have you ever wondered how bars, nightclubs, and even online dating sites so often seem to attract a certain type of clientele? Sometimes it’s clear from the marketing and branding of the company what sort of crowd will show up, but other times it is more of a mystery. Maybe it’s the word ‘elite’ in the name, or maybe the gold digging women of the world have some sort of secret society where they hang out and share their secrets about where to find easy victims. I can’t really say. All that I know for sure is that a whole lot of them congregate on this site.
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The Game I don’t Play

As you know, I don’t do hookers. And gold diggers are really nothing more than glorified hookers with a slightly subtler approach to parting men from their money. Just like I would never fork over a stack of cash for a blow job, I also won’t drop my money on expensive dinners, fancy hotels, and posh gifts to get laid. I exchange pleasure for pleasure, and that is the only currency I work with when it comes to affairs. There were a ton of beautiful women on Elite Fling, but their attractiveness quickly faded once we started communicating. Eighteen women replied to my initial contact emails, and their lines of questioning very quickly turned toward my income and what I had to offer them in an affair experience. They made no secret of the fact that they expected to be wined and dined, and if I wasn’t prepared to take them to the finest restaurants and get rooms in five star hotels, they wouldn’t be interested in having sex. I’m a nice guy, but I’m also pretty blunt when the occasion calls for it, and I let them know how I felt about this in no uncertain terms. Needless to say, that sent them packing in a hurry. Only one woman was interested in setting up a date with me after I told her that I don’t do the sugar daddy thing. She did show up for the date, but it didn’t last very long. We met in a nice bar, and I bought her a couple of drinks, and after that, she asked if I wanted to grab some dinner at a (very expensive) restaurant before going somewhere private. I told her sure, but since I’m a feminist, we should split the bill. Clearly, she thought that if she showed up, she could weasel her way into getting me to spend all kinds of money on her, because as soon as I suggested going Dutch, she ended the date, accusing me of being a cheap bastard. Whatever. I’d rather be a cheap bastard than an idiot.

The Final Analysis Of Elitefling

Just to recap the breakdown, I send out 180 initial contact emails. Out of those emails, I received responses from 10 entitled, snotty, spoiled women. When I refused to play the game they were hoping to play, I only ended up setting up one date. That date showed up, but just like the other 9 women, she definitely expected to receive the royal treatment in exchange for sex. Since I’ll treat a woman very well, but I’m not going to make myself go into debt for sex, she was completely offended and ditched the date before I got so much as a kiss. I suppose if you’re rolling in the dough and you’re into blowing it on the women you have affairs with, that’s totally your business, and you might do very well on EliteFling. For the rest of us, though, this site has nothing to offer. The women aren’t the type who say they’re looking for a wealthy guy, but really would be impressed if you just show up dressed nicely and buy them a fancy cocktail. These women are on a whole different level. They’re nearly professional at what they do, and they know how to screen out the guys who won’t provide what they want. Go where the sex doesn’t come with a price tag and leave these bitches for the men who like that type of woman.