Tactics & Strategies For Hooking Up With Lonely Housewives & cougars

Lonely Housewife & Cougar Dating Site Reviews: The Very Best Lonely Housewife / Cougar Dating Sites and the ones that are designed to scam you.

Think you know the best lonely housewife and cougar dating sites online? Think again! There is no doubt most of the so-called best sites are a total waste of time. Why is this the case? How can countless alleged experts publish inaccurate and falsified reviews about lonely housewife and cougar dating sites? First, there is no question everyone is entitled to their opinion, but how many of these guys have actually tested the sites like they claim to have? The shocking truth is NOT MANY!

I am sure this does not come as a big surprise as the internet is littered with falsified facts and utter bullshit reviews. I don’t have to tell you this. But What I can tell you is there are only 5 top dating sites that cater to bored & lonely housewives and cougars looking to meet a hookup. We have devoted a lot of time, effort, and resourced to compile this list and stand by the results.

The 5 sites below are the cream of the crop. They were all great to use and the experience we had as a member was nothing but positive.

Best Cougar Dating Sites

Site Rating Emails Sent Replies Dates Showed Up Closes Links
1Our #1 Favorite Site For Dating Married Cougars: Lonely Wives Club powered by Adult Hookup is by the best cougar dating site we tested! 22222 180 81 13 9 8
2Our #2 Favorite Site For Dating Married Cougars: EasySex is one of the best cougar dating sites we tested! 22221 180 72 10 7 7
3Our #3 Favorite Site For Dating Married Cougars: Freehookups’ Affairs Club is one of the best cougar dating site we tested! 22221 180 81 10 7 7
4Our #4 Favorite Site For Dating Married Cougars: CougarLife is one of the best cougar dating site we tested! 22220 180 43 7 7 5
5Our #5 Favorite Site For Dating Married Cougars: HookupCloud is one of the best cougar dating sites we tested! 22220 180 39 5 3 3

Why We Liked Some Lonely Housewife & Cougar Dating Websites Better Than Others: Better Functionality, features, and sexier REAL members!

The members are what makes the site. Unfortunately, on the bottom-10 dating sites, we have nothing but poor things to say about the women. These sites are filled with either fake profiles, escorts, pornstars, or scam artists that are there to take your money, not hookup. The real women that to appear in search results tend to be SINGLE GIRLS. This is bad because single girls really have nothing to lose, whereas a bored and lonely housewife or cougar has much to loose. And if you are a married man you better we want to only have an affair with a women who has the same relationship equity as you. If you both have a lot on the line, you can ensure she will do everything in her power to avoid exposing the extramarital actives.

Another issue we had with the bad websites below is the poor functionality and features. Any good dating site should offer features such as, member-to-member video chat, advanced GEO search functions to locate members in your area, mobile/smart phone compatibility so you can use the site while you are on the road, and easy navigating within the site. Unfortunately none the bottom cougar dating sites met the mark! Worst yet, we noticed a much higher number of private investigators frequenting them. PIs make a killing blackmailing married men. If you are caught having an affair by a PI, you will be left either paying them off or explaining to you wife your extramarital activities. No while this only applies to the men that are married I felt it was worth mentioning because it further illustrate why the top 5 sites are superior! To summarize why you should stick to the top 5 sites for hooking up with with Lonely housewives & cougars:

  • Real women actually looking to hookup
  • Higher quality attractive women
  • NO SCAMS or PIs

But the choice yours to make. You have a right to pick the lonely housewife & cougar dating sites you want. We are just here to provide you with the data and information about each site so you can make the right decision yourself. If for some strange reason you do decide to join one of the bottom 10 sites, by all means, use that site. We just hope you proceed with caution.

Lonely Housewife & Cougar Dating Site That Just Sucked!

In every industry you always will encounter a few leaders that produce and a bunch of crappy replicas that leave much to be desired. That is what the sites below are. While some of them look to be promising based on their name or site design, as our figured show they simply leave you with nothing but you dick in your hand. They are not legit, and you should avoid them all together.

Nothing good came from any of the sites below. We highly suggest you stay away and not waste any time or money on them. Not only do they not produce they are filled with fake profiles, feature terrible customer service, and are more concerned with tricking you to spend your money on one of their adversing partners than finding you a cougar or housewife to hookup with. They are absolutely the worst!

The 10 sites below should be ignored by any serious online dater. They did not yield any positive results for us, and should not be viewed as a legit source for affair style and cougar dating.

Sites to Avoid

Site Rating Emails Sent Replies Dates Showed Up Closes Links
22000 180 18 2 1 0
22000 180 15 2 0 0
22000 180 13 2 0 0
20000 180 11 1 0 0
20000 180 10 1 1 0
20000 180 15 1 0 0
20000 180 14 1 0 0
20000 180 11 1 0 0
20000 180 12 0 0 0
20000 180 9 0 0 0