review-affairconnectAffair Connect caught my attention while I was deciding which bored and lonely housewife dating sites to review. I was curious about it, as I had seen the name several times, but had never met anyone who had actually used it. Usually, this doesn’t bode well for a sex dating site, but I always try to keep an open mind, as I have discovered a few really great resources for hooking that just haven’t built up a huge presence yet. Finding one of those sites and knowing that you got in on the ground floor of something new that is going to be big always feels kind of exciting to me, so I’ll try just about anything once. When it comes to Affair Connect, once was more than enough. Your chances of finding an affair with a cougar on are probably less than finding one in your local Starbucks.

Affair Connect Is A Glorified Escort Advertising Service

Browsing through the profiles on Affair Connect could be an exciting experience for an inexperienced guy. He’d see all of these gorgeous women with enormous tits and pouty lips and think he’d fallen into a porno in the making. If, on the other hand, you’ve been around the block a few times, you realize what’s going on when you see this sort of thing, and you immediately know that you’ve been had. 90% of the profiles on the site belonged to escorts, and they didn’t even try to hide what they were doing. I might pay for a dating site membership, but I sure as hell won’t pay for sex, so I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Once you know how to spot an escort’s profile (the picture almost always gives it away), you’ll look at a site like Affair Connect in an entirely different light. You’ll be too smart to believe you’re seeing gorgeous horny housewives seeking affairs, and instead, you’ll realize that the site is more or less a virtual bulletin board for escorts seeking johns.
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The Real Women Aren’t the Ones You’d Want

As I mentioned above, about 90% of the profiles on the site belong to escort services. That alone should be enough to steer you away from wasting your money on a membership, but if you’re still thinking that the miniscule 10% that remains might make it worthwhile, I’m going to have to burst your bubble. Yes, there are some real women on the site, but you’re probably not going to want to have sex with most of them. Let’s just say that I could totally understand why their husbands no longer show any interest in them. Remember, your goal isn’t to screw anything that will hold still, it’s to live out your fantasies. There’s no point in having affairs with women you find sexually unappealing. Given that most of the real women on this site used profile pictures that could be featured on The People of Walmart, you’re going to have a very hard time doing that here.

The Final Analysis On Affair Connect

I always try to give a fair and balanced review of a site, including both pros and cons. Some sites make it easier than others. The only nice thing I can say about Affair Connect is that the site’s design and layout are solid. If they would get on top of clearing out the escort spam and make serious efforts to expand their membership base, it could be an awesome lonely housewife dating site. But since they’re clearly happy with how things are going (hey, they’re making money!) I won’t hold my breath.

The end results from my time on the site are abysmal. I sent out 180 first contact emails and only received 15 replies. Of those replies, over half appeared to be automated messages trying to lure me onto webcam girl sites or con me out of money. Out of the fourteen or fifteen real replies I received, only two women set up dates with me. The rest either never replied after I asked them when we could meet or tried to keep dragging out the online flirting, with all kinds of excuses for why the dates and times I suggested wouldn’t work. The worst part of all of this is that the two women who did set up dates with me were both no shows. The first woman sent me a text ten minutes after she was supposed to be there saying that her grandma was in the hospital and she’d had to drop everything to rush to her bedside, and after that she just disappeared. The second woman didn’t even bother with an excuse. She didn’t show up, and I never heard from her again. Affair Connect was a huge waste of time and money. Guys, save yourself the hassle and frustration, this isn’t the place to find a lonely housewife affair.