review-datingaffairDatingAffair is yet another example of a lonely housewife site and cougar that makes big promises, but doesn’t deliver jack. Everything about this site is a total disappointment. It was one of the biggest wastes of time and money I’ve ever experienced, and I’m going to cover all of the reasons you should avoid it if your goal is to meet lots of married women quickly for discreet affairs. I’ve got a lot of experience meeting bored and lonely housewives online, and on legit sites, I have no trouble getting laid, but at the end of the testing period for this one, I hadn’t managed to meet a single woman in person, let alone had any sex! It was utterly ridiculous, and it was clear that the owners of the site had zero interest in the experience of the people they’re supposedly in the market to help hookup. There are a lot of supposed sex dating sites out there that are really just clever moneymaking scams, and unfortunately, this is one of them. Don’t make a rookie mistake and be another victim of cougar dating site scams!

Billing Issues On DatingAffair

It’s insulting enough to shell out money for a cougar dating site only to find out that you’re not going to be doing any dating or getting any sex, but when you get ripped off for even more than you agreed to pay to begin with, it’s beyond offensive. You can imagine how pissed I was to see charges appear on my credit card statement for two months after I canceled my membership! I tried multiple times to contact the site about the issue, but big surprise, they never responded to my inquiries and requests to have the charges reversed. I was so ticked off, I actually toyed with the idea of taking legal action, but in the end, I decided that they had already taken too much of my time and money, and I wasn’t willing to spend more to try to get less than a hundred bucks returned.

Tons of Dead Profiles

The vast majority of the women’s profiles on were dead. It seemed pretty clear that the site had added them to make it look like there were thousands of women to choose from when in reality there weren’t very many at all. I attempted to contact 180 women, and I believe that only 2 of them were actual members. I was skeptical when I saw so many hot women with incomplete profiles, and my suspicions were confirmed as the days passed and I didn’t receive any responses to the emails I sent. I can’t say for sure how many real women use the site, but my experience was that there were probably only a few in my city, and I live in a major metropolitan area! You can bet that there were dozens, if not hundreds, of guys contacting each of those women, which makes the chances of an actual hookup incredibly slim. I shudder to think what it would be like for someone who didn’t live in a big city. I’m sure that in many places there are no real women at all using the site.
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Hopelessly Awful Male to Female Ratio

Due to the dead profiles mentioned above, when you first join the site, it looks like the male to female ratio is pretty damn good. This is something that all experienced affair dating site users look for, because there are typically so many more men than women, and the better this ratio, the better your chances of hooking up with the women you find attractive. But once you weed out all of the dead profiles, the number of men on the site outweighs the number of women by at least 100 to 1. Those aren’t good odds, fellows! You’ll have a much easier time on sites like Lonely Wives’ Club and MILF Book, where you’ll find an abundance of real women seeking real affairs.

The Final Analysis Of DatingAffair

The takeaway here is that I can’t recommend this site at all, and advise all men to steer clear. Out of the 180 women I tried to contact, I received just 13 replies, and most of them were clearly automated messages for webcam girl sites and escort services, with the occasional “need money for a plane ticket to come fuck you” con thrown in for good measure. Two of them were clearly real women, but after communicating a few times with each of them and setting up dates, even those turned out to be dead ends. Neither of the women showed up. No big surprise and I was already convinced was a scam by this point! One of them called me while I was sitting at the bar waiting for her, and said that her husband had just called to say that he was coming back from a business trip earlier than expected, and the second woman I never heard from again. Needless to say, that means I never scored. All in all, an awful lonely housewife dating site.