review-maritalaffairAbout the only notoriety I can offer Marital Affair is that they somehow managed to be the very worst lonely housewife & Cougar dating site on the web, and that’s no easy feat! There are so many really awful ones out there that a site has to be a total joke to fill this spot. I can guarantee you that no one on Marital Affair is having an actual extramarital affair with someone they met on the site. Why? Because there are no real women here! Oh, maybe there are a few women who got sucked in before they realized what the site is all about, but I didn’t encounter even a single one. What the hell? I can only conclude that it is a scam site that has no intention of doing anything to attract an actual female membership base. You pay. They disappear. End of story. Even though I knew that there was no point, I did send them an email complaining about my experience and requesting a refund, but of course that didn’t happen.

The Non-Existence of Lonely Housewives on MaritalAffair

I have to wonder if any real housewives even know about the existence of this site. If so, they certainly aren’t paying any attention to it. It doesn’t take very long to figure out that all that is going on here is that MaritalAffair slapped up thousands of fake profiles to lure men into purchasing memberships. The only other female profiles I found belonged to escorts, con artists, and webcam girls, all of whom probably love this site. Scammers love these dead sites, because the men tend to be much more desperate than men on successful affair dating sites, which means that they’re more likely to be successful with their ploys. I was totally dismayed after spending hours going through profiles that I could tell didn’t belong to real women seeking affairs, unsuccessfully seeking the real deal.

How I Completed the Assignment

Since I was 99% sure that none of the profiles I viewed belonged to real women, I wasn’t sure how to approach the matter of initial contacts in order to give the site a fair and balanced review. In the end, I did my best to try to weed out the hookers, escort services, webcam girls, and con artists, and only contacted 180 that I assumed were dead profiles, but could have potentially belonged to real women. In 171 cases, I was totally right and received no response. I did receive responses to the other nine profiles to which I sent emails, but they weren’t from real housewives. Each and every one of them fell into the hooker, escort, or con artist category, and I had missed the signals. Needless to say, I did not respond to any of those emails. I didn’t try to set up any dates. I didn’t get laid.
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Adding Insult to Injury

As I mentioned earlier, when my membership time was up on the site, I contacted them with a complaint about my experience. I outlined to them my reason for requesting a refund, even mentioning that I write reviews of affair dating sites and that I would be reviewing theirs, hoping that perhaps this would spur them into action to at least try to partially rectify the situation, but that didn’t happen. I received complete silence in response, and I wouldn’t have expected anything else from such a low-integrity site. For some reason, this was worse to me even than the fact that they had put up tons of fake profiles and done nothing to control the sleazeballs taking advantage of the paying male members using their site.

The Final Analysis Of Maritalaffair

After reading all of that, do you even need a wrap up of why this site is the absolute worse of the worst? You probably don’t, but since it will feel good to give a nice tidy summary of all of the b.s. that I experienced, here you go. There are no real women on this site. I sent out 180 initial contact emails, and I only received 9 responses, if you can even call them responses. They were less responses and more advertisements, because all of the replies were from hookers, escort services, and con artists. I didn’t set up any “dates” or have any sex, because I would never be stupid enough to stoop to paying for sex. At the end of it all, when I contacted the site to let them know that I knew that the site was a scam and that I wanted a refund because I write reviews of the affair dating sites I use, they didn’t respond or refund my money. In lieu of hacking their site and posting warnings all over it, this review will have to serve as doing my civic duty to alert men to the true nature of the site.