review-liketocheatOut of all of the lonely housewife and coungar dating sites I reviewed, LiketoCheat was scraping the bottom of the barrel. I was only able to give it one out of five stars, and only one site had worse results. To say that it was a complete flop would be an understatement. Nearly everything that could have gone wrong with an affair dating site experience happened during my time using it. There were a lot of issues here, but the biggest one is of course directly related to the terrible outcomes with actually meeting women for sex. I didn’t end up having even one affair with anyone I met through like to Cheat, and without that, there is absolutely no point in paying for an affair dating membership. Read on for the gory details, and you’ll understand why this site received such a terrible ranking.

Tons of Dead Profiles On LiketoCheat

I’ve seen a lot of sites pad their membership numbers by setting up dead profiles, but this was one of the most extreme cases I’ve ever seen. What appears to be a membership base that includes hundreds of thousands of women is actually a much less impressive number, as easily three fourths of the profiles are fake. At first, this can be really hard to figure out. Some of them are obvious, because the airbrushed pictures of sexy women with big tits wearing slinky dresses look nothing like even the most attractive housewives you’ll meet. Others aren’t nearly as easy to spot, because they just look like your average, everyday hot neighbor next door types. Once you start paying careful attention, you’ll see that whoever puts these profiles up generally only provides the most sparse details, and the profiles look nothing like those belonging to real cougars seeking affairs, but it really won’t matter, because by the time you reach that point, you’ve already paid for your membership, and you’re out the money.

The Real Housewives are Just as Bad as a Dead Profile

Once you find the real women on the site, prepare to be underwhelmed. I’m sure I probably could have gotten laid if I was terribly desperate and willing to screw anything that will hold still, but I’m not. If, like me, you’re not willing to have sex with anything willing to let you, you’re not going to be terribly happy with the selection here. As I looked through the profiles of women in my city, more often than not, I just kept right on scrolling. I’ve had sex with too many women to fall into the trap of believing that I’ll never get laid again unless I lower my standards. Don’t get me wrong, I’m realistic. It’s not like I’m expecting supermodels, but I do have certain expectations, and they don’t include the morbidly obese, women with bad teeth, or those that look like washed up crack whores. A couple of times I actually shuddered. It was that bad.
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What Happened With the Women Who Met My Standards

I did manage to send out the required 180 first contact emails, although most of them were delivered to dead profiles, so there was never any reply. There were some women who replied. Twelve of them, to be exact, and at least ten of those twelve barely passed my standards test. They were average to cute. Not ugly, but definitely nothing special. But get this, not a single one of those women followed through with agreeing to meet in person. So during all of the time I spent on this site, I set up zero dates, which of course means that I had sex with zero women. By this point I was almost relieved they didn’t want to meet, because I’ve hooked up with much more attractive women on other sites, and they felt like throwaways. Depending upon what your own standards are, you may or may not end up meeting someone you’d like to sleep with on this site, but I’m guessing that if you have any pride at all, you’re not going to find many options that satisfy you. Why would you have sex with substandard women when you could hop on over to a site like Lonely Housewives Club and find plenty of sexy women ready and willing to get it on with you?

The Final Analysis Of liketoCheat

I can’t wait to wrap up this review so I never have to think about this site ever again. Tons of fake profiles, and tons of ugly women. Out of the averagely decent women I sent emails to, I only received responses from 12 out of 180. Out of that dozen responses, I was unable to set up even a single date, and didn’t get laid. That should tell you everything you need to know.