review-discreetadventuresI’m just going to cut to the chase and tell you that my experience with Discreet Adventures totally pissed me off. From issues with billing to the complete lack opportunities for meeting real women for sex, this whole thing would have been enough to make me give up on lonely housewife dating sites forever if I didn’t have prior positive experiences to draw on. Typically, I enjoy every part of the online lonely housewife dating site process that leads up to meeting for sex. On a good site, it’s fun from start to finish. Using felt more like a chore to get through with the hopes that in the end it would lead to something worthwhile. When it didn’t lead to anything worthwhile, it felt a little bit like dragging to work every day to do a job you hate, then finding out at the end of the week that I wouldn’t be getting a paycheck.

DiscreetAdventures Doesn’t Care About Its Members

Look, I know that all businesses care about the bottom line. I get it. I love money, too. Who doesn’t? But I also expect that when I business is making big money and I’m one of the people paying them for the service that makes them that big money, they’ll have enough integrity to care about whether or not I’m satisfied with the experience. DiscreetAdventures proved to me on several occasions that they don’t care at all about the people who pay for memberships to their site. I contacted them about three separate issues during my time on the site. The first was when I was setting up my profile and had a question about an issue I was having with uploading pictures. No one ever responded to that email. The second email I sent was asking to have escort services removed. Again, I never received a response from them. The third time I contacted them it was due to being charged twice in one month. Someone responded to that email saying that she was looking into it and would get back with me, but of course she never did.

Finding the Real Women Isn’t Easy

Trying to find the real women was like a grownup version of Where’s Waldo? They were there, it’s just that there are so few of them, buried amongst so many fake profiles, that it takes time and a keen eye to locate the real deal. I found that the site had far more than the acceptable amount of dead profiles, escorts, and webcam girls. The ratio of real women to fakes was absolutely depressing. I don’t know about you, but I have far better things to do with my time than going down dozens upon dozens of dead ends before finding a street that will take me where I want to go. This is why I am confident when I say is a total scam! It was tedious, time consuming, and in the end, absolutely worthless, as I never hooked up with anyone I met through Discreet Adventures.
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Fourteen Failed Attempts at Hooking Up On DiscreetAdventures

If I wanted to be really dramatic, I could say that I had 180 failed attempts, and technically it would be true, since I sent out first contact emails to that many women. But trust me when I say that fourteen is bad enough when those are the only 11 women who ever replied to you to begin with! These responses with a lack of follow through from the women were even more of a waste of time than the women who never responded at all, because with those, I wrote once, then stopped. With these women, we went back and forth anywhere from a couple of times to half a dozen or so, so it ate up a lot of time that would have been better spent on another site, like Lonely Wives Club or MILF Book, and I felt pretty resentful about it by the end of the review period.

The Final Analysis

Beyond the fact that it is glaringly evident that the site owners have no integrity and don’t care about the experiences of the men who are making them rich, the numbers on this one speak for themselves. The stats don’t lie, and they make it very clear that this site is a dud. I sent 180 emails making initial contact with women on Discreet Adventures. Out of those 180, I only received responses from 11 women. And the real kicker was that of the fourteen women who took the time to respond, only one of them set up a date to meet me in person. That single date stood me up. After I’d been waiting for her in the bar where we were supposed to meet for long enough to sip an entire beer, I got a text from her that said, “So sorry. Just can’t go through with it.” Apparently most of the women on the site feel similarly, as there is never any follow through. Go where the women who actually want affairs hang out… and know that it isn’t here.