review-gleedenThere is no glee to be found on Gleeden. When it comes to lonely housewife dating sites, this one is a total flop. I spent a lot of time and energy trying to make the best of it, but there are some experiences that just can’t be redeemed. One of those things would be joining an affair dating site that doesn’t yield a single affair. Remember, I’m an experienced user of these sites, and my results are usually pretty damn good, so I know that it’s the site, not my technique that was lacking. If I can’t get laid on a cougar dating site, people new to the scene don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell, so be forewarned!

Hookers and Hags On Gleeden

One of the first things that struck me about Gleeden was the extremes on the attractiveness scale where almost all of the women landed. Either they were drop dead gorgeous with perfect bodies or total hags! I was scrolling through the profiles shaking my head, trying to figure out where the normal looking attractive women were. With a few exceptions, there weren’t any. That’s because there are really only two types of women using this site. The first, and largest, group of women would be the total hotties. These women are sexy as hell and dressed to kill, but don’t get too excited. You didn’t hit the jackpot on sexpot housewives. You’ve stumbled into a den of escorts. Remember guys, besides the legal trouble you could find yourself in, there is absolutely never a good reason to stoop to paying for sex. If you’re using sites like MILFBook and HookupCloud, you’ll find that attractive women who are eager for sex are not hard to come by, so keep your dignity in check and your ass out of jail by staying away from the hookers on Gleeden. The second group of women is definitely comprised of real housewives, but you’re not going to want to have sex with any of them. I’ve never seen so many fat, ugly women in one place at the same time, and I hope that I never do again.

But Surely There Must Be SOME Real Attractive Housewives, Right?

Sure, there are a few (very few) scattered amongst the human detritus that makes up most of the female membership base, but good luck trying to get them to hook up with you. This is the core reason Gleeden is a total scam! You can only imagine how many men they have contacting them when the competition is so low-caliber. Your email will be buried in a sea of emails from other men desperate to try to score with one of the only attractive women in your area. Hey, we all want to get laid, and none of us want the money we spent on membership to be a total waste, so you can bet the competition will be fierce. Unless you get extremely lucky, you’re probably not going to be one of the small handful of guys who ends up having sex with a woman they meet from this site.
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You Could Fall Into the Desperation Trap

Joining this site puts you at high risk of falling into the desperation trap, especially if you’re new to sex dating. This trap is how the hags on sites like this end up find guys to screw them. Here’s what happens: some poor schmuck joins the site and initially sends out emails to the hot women. Receiving responses that are clearly from prostitutes makes them feel defeated and lied to, as they realize that the only prospects for free sex on the site are of the overweight, stringy haired variety. If they don’t have enough experience with other sites to compare it to, they come to believe that this is just what’s out there. If you’re going to have an affair, it will be with an unattractive woman. Horny and desperate, they go for the surefire bet and hate themselves the whole time. Don’t put yourself in this position! Go with one of the top five sites and you won’t ever have to settle.

The Final Analysis Of Gleeden

I found myself facing an ethical dilemma while conducting this review. For the sake of consistent data, I always send out 180 initial contact emails so that when you’re comparing the sites in the chart, you don’t have to do any math to figure out the success ratios. However, when I was looking through the profiles, I couldn’t find 180 real cougars in my area, even when I included the unattractive ones. In the end, I did send all 180 emails, even knowing that I’d have to discard most of the responses because they’d be from prostitutes, and that I was never going to hook up with the unattractive women I emailed. Out of those 180 messages, I received responses from 11, and all but one were indeed prostitutes. I set up a date with the one and only fairly attractive housewife I received a response from, and she was a no show. Steer clear!