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Last modified: May 4, 2015
Our #4 Favorite Site For Dating Married Cougars: CougarLife is one of the best cougar dating site we tested!

review-affair-site-cougar-lifeAs one of the first sites on the Cougar Dating Scene, CougarLife clearly the real deal! I have to admit that after trialing as many casual dating sites as I have over the years, I’m always more skeptical than optimistic when I explore a site, but for once I wasn’t disappointed.CougarLife didn’t let me down. In fact, I was so impressed with my overall experience, that I’ve given it the fourth best rating out of all of the lonely housewife & cougar dating sites I’ve tried. There were a lot of attractive women in the membership base, and I found the site straightforward and easy to use. I had no problems setting up dates or getting laid, which makes it a clear winner and the reason I gave CougarLife Such a ringing review!

Best Features of the Site On CougarLife

CougarLife has a great assortment of features to help you flirt and network with the Cougars you want to meet.

• Free membership, while useless for hooking up, lets you get a good feel for how many hot Cougars there are in your area
• Profile questions make it quick and easy to ensure you have a complete profile and to find compatible women
• Paying members get to see new members for six hours before they show up in searches for everyone else, ensuring that you’ll have the first opportunity to make contact, which increases your chances of getting laid!

First Contact Messages That Worked Well On CougarLife

I found that the women on were highly approachable and responsive. Here are some of the first contact emails that worked really well for me. Feel free to try them out!

You asked where all of the hot guys are, and after taking a look at some of the men on here, I can see why you were beginning to lose faith! I’m a firefighter. Does that count? If you’d like to meet up this weekend, I promise you that I’ll behave like a perfect gentlemen… and that includes turning up the heat if that’s what you want. I’m a firm believer that a beautiful woman should always get what she wants from a man. Tell me what you consider hot, and I’ll see to it that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Freshly showered. Nicely dressed. Wicked sense of humor. Dying to get out with a woman who knows how to have a good time. You: Bored and lonely. Feeling claustrophobic and cooped up at home. Incredible blue eyes and an inviting smile. Us: Getting together this weekend? If you’re interested, let’s have some fun!

You mentioned in your profile that your number one concern is keeping things discreet because you’re married. I was relieved to read that, because I’m married, too, and the last thing I want is to get involved with a woman who is reckless on this front. Aside from that, I’m usually pretty laid back and happy-go-lucky! If you’d like to meet for drinks next week, I’m free most nights. I know of an out of the way bar where we’re unlikely to have any awkward run-ins with people we know. Drop me a note and I’ll tell you what I have in mind!

What I Didn’t Love About CougarLife

Overall, there aren’t a lot of major flaws here. CougarLife is pretty great and clearly not a scam! My one and only complaint is that it’s very bare bones when it comes to features. If you’re used to a lot of bells and whistles, you might be disappointed. You’re not going to be enjoying on-site video chat or porn clips. That said, that’s not really why you’re paying for a membership, is it? The site does what it is supposed to do, which is to provide a safe forum to meet hot and horny lonely housewives for sex. That happened, so I’m not too upset over the lack of features.

Safety Review

There were not major safety red-flags on CougarLife. I encountered the typical annoyances of web cam girls trying to get me on chat to bombard me with links to their sites. Other than that, it was all good, and I didn’t feel like my privacy or credit card information were at risk at any time.

Pricing/Billing Information

Your credit card charges will show up discreetly as CL Media, so no references to sex or dating to contend with. While general membership is free, you can’t do anything with it except peruse profiles. Premium membership is quite reasonable, though, and it gets cheaper with longer time commitments. A single month is $40, a three month membership is $29 a month, and if you commit to a year, it will only set you back $12 a month. CougarLife offers a 24/7 customer service 800 now and online chat feature. I had no trouble getting someone on the phone to discuss billing.

Results Summary Of CougarLife

While CougarLife’s results weren’t quite as impressive as the top three websites, they were still pretty damn good. You should also keep in mind how new they were when I tried the site. Since they are consistently growing, it seems safe to assume that the already good results I experienced would only improve over time. To recap, I set up 7 dates on, and all 7 showed! Of the 7 women I had dates with, I sealed the deal with 5. That’s five more lovely ladies added to my roster of women to call when I want to get laid. I think that’s worth every penny that I paid for membership and then some.