review-hushaffairHush Affair does not impress on any level. I can only speculate that the people who own this site didn’t do their homework by studying successful cougar dating sites, and it would appear that they hired a high school kid as a web designer. But really, the site’s design is just the tip of the iceberg, and it should have been a tip for me to turn around and take my money somewhere else before signing up. I wanted to be fair and give it a shot for review purposes, so I shelled out the money in order to verify that it was as much of a train wreck as I thought it would be. Behind the clunky design, I discovered dead profiles, web cam girls, and women more interested in flirting online than meeting for sex. It was just one disappointment after the next. Trust me when I tell you that there is no good reason to spend your money here.

Clunky, Archaic Website

My HushAffair review relieved the Website is almost like something from another era. Some of the pages loaded so slowly that I felt like I was having flashbacks to my dial up days, and more than once it crashed while I was in the middle of doing something, which was incredibly annoying. This isn’t an issue I encounter very often anymore with affair dating sites, so I’m not sure what was happening on their end, and I don’t really care. It was totally unacceptable, and if they took any pride in their business at all, they would have had someone working on those kinks immediately so that my next visit was better… No such luck. It was consistently substandard for the duration of my membership on the site.

Artificially Inflated Female Membership Numbers On HushAffair

The site uses all of the usual tricks to artificially inflate their female membership base. There were tons of dead profiles, which was evident from the shockingly low number of responses I received when I sent out first contact emails. They were, however, more convincing than many sites are with these profiles. Rather than using stolen pictures of porn stars, they use stolen pictures of normal attractive women, which makes it much harder to figure out in the beginning. They also do absolutely nothing about removing web cam girl profiles, so you’ll find a staggering number of them, and it’s a total annoyance when they relentlessly pop up trying to get you to come pay for a good time on camera. Of my 180 initial contact emails, only 17 of them received responses, and several of those were from escort services.
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More Flirts than Affair Seekers

I did manage to make contact with a handful of real women, and for the most part, they were quite attractive. The only problem was that they all seemed to be using the site as a diversion from their day without any intention for follow-through. They were all eager to flirt with me through the site, but as soon as I brought up getting together for some in-person fun, they either stopped responding or told me that they “weren’t ready yet” or some variation on that theme. Only one woman actually said yes to a date, and she chickened out at the last minute. If you want an in the flesh affair, you’re going to have a hard time finding it here. It’s simply online entertainment of the kind you can get a million other places for free.

The Final Analysis Of HushAffairs

The final analysis for HushAffair is grim. Its a total scam! With so many incredible sites like Horny Wife and MILF Book out there, even an issue like the website crashing should be reason enough to go elsewhere for your affair dating needs. In case it’s not, let’s look at the numbers from this little experiment one more time, shall we? I contacted 180 women, and I only received 15 lousy responses, most of which were from escort services, not lonely housewives and cougars looking for sex. Of the small handful that did come from real women, most of them were only interested in flirting online, with sexy video chat at the very most, and had zero interest in meeting up in person for sex. There was only one woman who replied to my introduction email who was willing to set up a date, and she ended up backing out. I received a very long and apologetic last minute cancellation telling me all of the reasons she couldn’t go through with having an affair, and that was that. I spent many hours setting up a killer profile and crafting the sort of first contact messages that have always yielded great results on legit affair dating sites, and it all ended up being for nothing. I got zilch. Not a single date. No sex. Avoid this crappy site and head over to one of the winners like Affairs Club to find what you’re looking for.