Tactics & Strategies For Hooking Up With Lonely Housewives & cougars

Top Cougar Dating FAQs

You’ve heard about them from your friends. You’ve seen them portrayed in movies and TV shows, and you’ve heard the song “Stacy’s Mom” at least a million times, but when it comes to dating a cougar, you still find yourself in the dark. Think you might be interested in dating a cougar, but aren’t sure […]

How To Seduce A Married Cougar

Cougars are women above all else and they come in all shapes, sizes and personality types. How to seduce a cougar depends on who she is as a person and what she’s like on the inside. Cougars are a little wiser and confident than your average woman and the things that turn them on are […]

Ways To Ensure Your Relationship With A Married Woman Is Not Exposed

So you’ve started sleeping with married woman and the relationship is going strong. You’re having tons of fun, and the whole experience feels sexy. So far, you haven’t had trouble sneaking around, but you know it’ll get difficult before long. You never know when her husband might pop home to grab something, or when her […]

Picking The Right Hotel For Your Affair With A Bored Housewife

Having an affair with a bored housewife offers so many unique opportunities. You can go to her house during the day and she can come meet you wherever you are. But if you’re over too often, the neighbors will certainly start to notice, and there’s nothing like a little neighborhood gossip to end an affair. […]

How to text a married woman you’re hooking up with

Starting an affair with a married woman can give you a high feeling unlike any other. It’s dangerous and mysterious, and every time together feels sexy and dirty, but definitely in a good way. It means sneaking in and out of each other’s home and meeting up in hotels, stealing every minute possible when you […]

Why More Women Are Cheating Today Than 20 Years Ago

It isn’t hard to find a sordid and sad story of a cheating husband. The news reports constantly tell us of some male celebrity, politician or sports star that has cheated on his wife and made the front page of the gossip columns. Its isn’t any different in our private lives. Any trip to the […]