Ways-to-ensure-your-relationship-with-a-married-woman-is-not-exposedSo you’ve started sleeping with married woman and the relationship is going strong. You’re having tons of fun, and the whole experience feels sexy. So far, you haven’t had trouble sneaking around, but you know it’ll get difficult before long. You never know when her husband might pop home to grab something, or when her noisy neighbor might let it slip to her husband that she has a regular visitor throughout the day. To prevent this from happening, you have to go on the offense. If she lets it slip, that’s her fault, but there are some things that you can do to ensure that if he finds out, he has no idea it’s you.

Change your name in her phone

What do you call your married lover in your phone? Do you use her real name or even a pet name? Either of those options is fine for you. After all, you’re not married. No one who looks at your phone will care. But what if her husband looks over at her phone and sees a lot of suspicious messages to your name? This is one of the easiest ways that men catch their wives cheating. Rather than using a fake name or alibi, the woman puts in your name and doesn’t bother to change your name. The husband sees the high amount of messages and automatically suspects his wife. Your affair is discovered and you are out one sex buddy. Instead, have her change your name in her phone to a coworker that her husband knows and trusts. Then develop a code. If you text, “Do you have those reports,” it could mean “are you alone,” and if she answers, “Yes,” then you’re good to go. This is an easy way to keep your affair secret and stop the husband from finding out your little secret.

Having her pay on a credit card

Although paying on a credit card is much easier than paying with cash, credit cards leave a trail. – How your digital trial can be used against you – All of the charges can be monitored electronically, and when money goes disappearing from a joint checking account, a husband can be pretty suspicious. Worst of all, charges on credit cards will detail where they were and, such as hotels, bars, and lingerie stores. A husband would become suspicious after seeing these charges, and you can bet your secret will come out. So what can you do? The first option is of course to pay for everything in cash. Cash of course does not leave a paper trail, for the most part. Your lover will still have to get the cash out of her checking account, and when her husband starts noticing cash disappear, he may catch on. This can be solved simply by having her pay for more drinks and any dinners you to get while you pick up the bills for hotels. A husband won’t be suspicious about a tab at a restaurant or a purchase as a bar, especially if he thinks his wife is out with her girlfriends. Hotel bills will be difficult to explain away, so it’s best if you put those on your own credit card. She could also open a secret checking account and use it to pay for hotels and bars. If she works part time or full time and can siphon off a bit of her paycheck into a separate checking account, then you won’t have to worry at all.

Meeting at hotels too close to home

If you decide that you still want to hook up in hotels or have to because there are too many people who know both of you around your homes, then hooking up in a hotel might be your only option. If that’s the case, then there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First off, don’t hook up in a hotel in a town where you know a lot of people. You never knew if friends might have visitors from out of town that are staying at those hotels. You run the risk of accidentally bumping into someone you or your lover knows.

You should also avoid areas with large attractions for your area, such as shopping centers, movie theaters, or popular bars and restaurants, then you can bet that you’ll probably meet up with someone you know.

Remember, it only takes one person to see you and lover in public. Once you’re seen together, it’s only a matter of time before word gets back to the husband. If he starts getting suspicious, then you can bet that your relationship will not last very much longer.

When trying to avoid the husband, it is important to always stay on guard. Make sure you’re always keeping up with deleting text messages and browsers and you’re not leaving anything behind at her place. Be smart, and no one will ever know.

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