Why-There-Are-More-Bored-&-Lonely-Housewives-Today-Than-Ever-BeforeWhen you’re scrolling through dating profiles on hookup apps or dating websites, you might come across a lot of profiles of women that list their job title as either N/A or homemaker. These women are housewives, and if you’ve found their profiles online, it usually means they’re bored and looking for a hot fling to pass the time. In today’s world, it seems like there are more bored and lonely housewives than ever before. Though you might think that the 1950s were the heyday of bored housewives, you might be missing out. There are plenty of bored and lonely housewives out there who are just waiting to have affairs and break the monotony of their daily lives.

So why are there so many housewives? If you’re not believing, let us count the reasons why there are so many.

Work is not necessary

Some couples are fortunate enough that one person makes more than enough to support the other and any children. When that person is the husband, sometimes the wife will decide to stay home and take care of the kids. What many of these women don’t realize is that staying home all day is not nearly as much fun as they think it will be. Cooking and cleaning gets boring quickly, and taking care of younger children can be exhausting. It means running errands, cleaning up after the kids, and having nothing to do except maybe watch TV during naptime. If a housewife doesn’t have any friends around her who have free time during the day, she may feel exceptionally bored and lonely with no one to talk to until her husband gets home. As many women do work, click here to read – Why so many women are leaving work behind it might not be easy for housewives to arrange to meet for lunch with their working friends. Housewives need adult interactions, and if they don’t get them from husbands, they will go elsewhere to find them.

Lack of intimacy

When one person in a couple works and the other stays at home, it can put some distance in the relationship. In this instance, the husband is going to work every day and earning a living. He has work friends to talk and joke with, and he feels accomplished knowing his hard work is earning him a paycheck and allowing him to support his family. Some husbands are resentful towards their housewives because they don’t often understand or appreciate all that housewives do. Raising and caring for children is no easy task, and being a housewife doesn’t mean she’s in bed all day. Not all husbands understand this, and it can sometimes cause a rift between a husband and wife. On the slip side, housewives often feel neglected by their husbands. While they know that money needs to be made, many wives don’t understand why their husbands don’t want to spend time with them. Their husbands come home tired, worn out, and unwilling to spend extra time with their housewives. They’d rather relax, flip on the TV, or go and meet some friends at a bar. Understandably so, housewives feel scorned and neglected, which doesn’t exactly inspire feelings of lust or passion towards their husbands. – Good Read: How to bring back the passion

Cost effective

In case you didn’t know, daycare can be unbelievably expensive. Depending on where a couple lives, they can spend up to $12,000 a year just sending their children to daycare. Since daycare is not really an area where couples want to cut corners, they’ll often pay a little more to find a quality caregiver for their children. To avoid having to pay such exorbitant amounts of money, some women opt to stay home with their children, but this often leads to arguments between couples. In some cases, women feel bored doing domestic work, especially if they previously held employment. In other instances, they feel that their husbands are neglecting them. Rather than engaging and conversing, the husbands would rather lie down or flip on the TV. They aren’t interested in their wives or even their children. Though being a housewife might save on daycare costs in the long run, it tends to lead to costs in the marriage. What often happens to housewives and their husbands is that the two tend to operate in two different worlds: one at work and the other at home. If the couple does not work to keep their bond strong, it may weaken, and housewives will begin to look outside the home for their lost passions. So are there really more bored and lonely housewives than ever before? Yes, and now that the internet has given them a way to flirt with other men, they might be more willing to let their flirtations escalate into a full-blown affair. So the next time you see a bored housewife’s profile on a dating site, don’t just pass it by. If you show her a little attention, she may show you a lot more in return.

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