Why-So-Many-Married-Women-CheatStudies and surveys are bringing to light a long unknown phenomenon. Most married women cheat on their husbands, and for decades, no one really caught on. But now more women are frankly admitting that the fairer sex is not, as so long believed, the faithful sex. If you think that you know why women cheat, believe it or not, you’re probably wrong. While some women cheat due to negligent or cruel husbands, most women report that they’re actually not all that miserable in their marriages. Rather, they say that they cheat because they love the excitement. They like the thrill of doing something “bad,” having a secret and planning clandestine dates, and, just like most men, they enjoy having a wide variety of sex partners.

Why Something Bad Feels So Good

Human beings love the rush of calculated risks. We love fast cars and gambling. We jump out of perfectly good planes and ride rollercoasters. We’re thrill seekers. When there’s an element of danger to something, and we come through the situation unscathed, it gets our adrenaline pumping, and our brain receives a flood of chemicals that produce a natural high. Not only does this make us feel alive, on some level, for a short period of time, it makes us feel invincible. Once we’ve got a taste for it, our brain wants more, and we’re all too happy to oblige. Women who cheat describe this feeling again and again, power and euphoria like nothing they’ve ever experienced before. Add sexual pleasure to the mix, and the payoff is one that most people can’t resist.

The Internet Makes Cheating Easy

Many women say that one of the reasons they cheat is because the internet makes it so easy. A lot of them say that they probably wouldn’t if they had to find their affairs in the same manner as generations past. They wouldn’t risk fooling around with a co-worker after the company Christmas party or sleeping with their husband’s best friend, because the risk of getting caught would be too high. But affair dating websites have changed all of that. They can discreetly meet men with no connection to their daily lives. They can cover their tracks and ensure that no one has to get hurt and their marriages won’t blow up in their faces, because as long as they’re smart about it, their husbands will never find out.

It’s Becoming More Socially Acceptable for Women to Cheat

Society might pretend to frown on men who have affairs, but most guys will tell you that in truth, they receive a lot more wink-wink, nod-nods about their indiscretions than criticism. Women, on the other hand, have historically received very heavy-handed judgment when they were outed as cheaters. Their lives were basically ruined. These marked women could never recover their reputations. They were shunned by their communities, and treated so terribly that even a trip to the grocery store could be a torturous event. But all of that is changing. Whatever men can do, women can do, too. And boy, are they doing it! After generations of sexual oppression, today’s married women seem to be making up for lost time, and the lost pleasures, of their matriarchal ancestors. Today having an affair is more socially accepted than ever before.

What Does This Mean for Men?

A lot of men seem to panic when they hear about women cheating on their husbands. Maybe it’s the loss of the illusion of control that so many men seem to hold onto so tightly. Maybe it’s jealousy rearing its ugly head, causing them to feel possessive about their wives. But guys, seriously? The societal shift that has led to most married women cheating is one that we should welcome with open arms. First of all, if you’re like most men, you’re either already cheating, or you want to be cheating. This requires women who are willing to have an affair with you. The more women out there who are cheating on their husbands, the greater your chances of success. Second of all, if you’re having extramarital sex, and your wife is too, even if she finds out what you’re doing, what is she going to say about it? Nothing, probably. If you’re both going about your business discreetly, you can politely turn a blind eye to each other’s indiscretions, and carry on with a happy marriage if that is what you both want. And last, even if you’re a single guy, you’ll benefit, because married women make the best sex buddies you’ll ever have. With sites like Ashley Madison and Lonely Wives Club, the cheating wife movement benefits men as much as it does women. So stop worrying and go buy a membership. You’ll have a lot more fun jumping on this bandwagon than you would trying to throw up roadblocks to keep it at bay.

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