Top Sexual Fantasies Cougar's HaveCougars can be considered the most confident and sexually experience of all women. Their life experience has garnered them a view of the world that not many others have. They have lived through trials and tribulations that many younger women have yet to experience. This life knowledge has given them their self-assurance and sexual confidence. Cougars have sexual fantasies that run the gamut. They often do not have many of the sexual hang-ups and misgivings that plague their younger peers making their fantasies as open as they are.

Fantasies #1 – Devotion

One of the biggest fantasies that cougars have is one of total devotion from their male partners. These fantasies always revolve around scenarios where the male is begging her for attention in some manner. No matter she does she will not be able to satisfy his desires until she gives into his lustful desires. Cougars love to be worshiped and adored and it comes out in this very popular cougar fantasy.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, cougars often fantasize about being dominated by their male lovers. The worship and adore part is still present but there are some women who crave a throwback to the days men weren’t afraid to dominate their women. These fantasies often include being kissed fervently and aggressively as well as pinning to the wall in a heat of passion. The thought of your fingers brusquely snaking through her flowing locks can send her over the edge.

Fantasies #2 – Hot For Teacher Fantasy

Did you think it was only younger men who have the hot teacher fantasy? Oh no, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are many women with the same fantasy, as evidenced in news reports year after year. This little fantasy is often enacted with a little role play and dress up time. A ruler and a pair of spectacles can go a long way in the bedroom. It can go the other way around too. There is lots of fun for her in dressing up as a schoolgirl tart and misbehaving until she gets the spanking she craves.

Fantasies #3 – No-Strings Attached

Another fantasy cougars have that men don’t usually think of is sex with a stranger. Arrange to meet her at a bar where the two of you can act as if you don’t know each other and meet for the first time at the bar. Carry the fantasy all the way to the bedroom where you have no holds barred, no-strings-attached sex with the stranger you just met. You can add a little spice tp the equation by using fake names and getting a hotel room.

Fantasies #4 – Threesomes

Cougars often fantasize about a threesome, either with another woman or a man. This one is tricky because even if she does admit to fantasizing about it, it doesn’t mean she really wants to do it. Some fantasies are just that, fantasy, never meant to become reality. You can work this fantasy out by talking about the things you’d do with a third person involved. Another variation on this theme is a fantasy with her and two men, which may or may not include you. Threesomes aren’t quite as taboo as they used to be an so you just might find yourself in this position eventually. Talking about it beforehand can make the experience less stressful.

Fantasies #5 – Voyeurism

Many men mistakenly believe that only men enjoy porn and voyeurism. This is not true. Not all women enjoy watching other people have sex but many do. For many women, it’s a way to get naughty without being too bad. Give it a shot by pretending to watch the neighbors get it on or check out a full on orgy scene from around the corner. Catch a kissing couple in the park and make up whole scenarios of their lovemaking.

Fantasies #6 – Exhibitionism

Another very common fantasy is exhibitionism. Many women fantasize about having sex and public displays of affection. Making a homemade porn video is a great way to act out this fantasy. If you’re lucky, she may even be interested in a bit of risky fellatio in the department store parking lot or after hours in the city park.

Fantasies #7 – Strippers and Burlesque

Dancing is very seductive and many women have a recurring fantasy of lap dancing or doing a little burlesque for the man they are entertaining. Nothing is sexier that a gorgeous woman swaying to the sounds of a seductive melody. It’s a turn on for both of you and something she can do easily. Stripper poles can be purchased for a few hundred dollars and are installable anywhere. You can have your own private dance before you know it.

Cougar fantasies run the gamut from outrageous to the commonplace but every one of them is exciting and sexy. Take a chance and help her live out some of her most daring sexual fantasies.

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