Discreet-Places-You-Can-Meet-For-Your-AffairHaving an affair is tricky business. You have a lot to lose and getting caught could mean losing it all. Every move must be carefully planned and executed to ensure success. One wrong move could be disastrous and this includes the places you meet her. Each and every place you meet her must be extremely discreet. It is imperative to your future not to be anywhere that calls attention to the two of you are somewhere you will be noticed and recognized. It sounds impossible, but there are places you can meet your affair partner that are discreet but fun and romantic.

Call in Your Favors

There is no better time to call in favors from your friends than when you are having an affair. It is always best not to tell anyone at all what you are doing, even your closest friend or relative. If you can get away with asking for favors without an explanation, good for you. Most friends want an explanation however, so only chose the friend you can really trust to lend you their summer house, winter cabin or vacation home. These places are always quite a distance from where you live and the people there wont notice you. They are used to renters coming and going and all but ignore them. You never know, your buddy may have an affair of his own, complete with a discreet place for meeting.

Out of Towners

The very best bet for finding a discreet place to meet is out of town. Out of the town you live in, and out of the town she lives in. You need to be somewhere that neither of you will be recognized. If you’re getting a hotel, this is especially true. Dinner and hotel registration both take place in glaring public eye and you don’t want to be anywhere there may be people you know. You don’t want to be having dinner with your affair partner and the pastor from your church walk in and be seated next to you. Another reason out of town meeting are more discreet is because there are more visitors there besides you and no one really expects to know anyone so they aren’t looking for anyone they know. It’s possible to slip by practically unseen.

Business is Business

If you are having an affair with someone from work or any one you have a business relationship with, it’s possible to date right in front of everyone you know and no one be the wiser. In these instances, the discreet part comes in your actions. If you’re known coworkers or business partners, that’s what people see when you’re out together. Carry yourself with a business-like manner. No touching, no flirting. This also goes a long way as foreplay. Many women find it incredibly erotic to be in public with a secret. Don’t be surprised if you feel silk stocking running up your leg under the table.

Under Cover of the Night

Anywhere that is dark and shadowy is a good place to meet your affair. The drive-in theater, for instance. This is also a really romantic date. It’s a kind of retro-throw-back type of date that women get a kick out of and yet it’s discreet. Win-win. Another wonderfully dark and discreet place to take her is a comedy show or play. Live performances have deeply darkened auditoriums for the audience. Everyone is focused on the performance and not on each other. Slipping away unnoticed is easy if you take a few moments to ask her how she enjoyed the show before filing out with the crowd.

Parks and Arboretums

Walking alongside another fitness walker or enjoying an innocuous park bench draws no observation. Just another park-goer enjoying the day. Take a couple of kids with you, (your sister wont mind if you borrow hers) and sit as they play. Another great idea is the dog park. If you have a dog (if not borrow your sisters) this is a no-brainer. Dog owners often stand around chitchatting while their Rovers and Fidos sniff around and do their business.

Museums and Art Galleries

Who hasn’t seen one of those thriller movies where the ambitious reporter meets the desperate politician in an art gallery. Bothe sitting on the same bench, facing different directions. They never look at each other but carry on a full conversation while discussing pertinent information. Or how about the one where they both stand with their arms folded, staring at the same piece of art, seemingly enraptured with it but really enraptured with each other and excitement between them. Those meeting places are more than discreet, they are exciting, sexy, erotic even. The element of deceit makes it all the more exhilarating. Discreet doesn’t have to be boring.

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