How-To-Seduce-A-Married-CougarCougars are women above all else and they come in all shapes, sizes and personality types. How to seduce a cougar depends on who she is as a person and what she’s like on the inside. Cougars are a little wiser and confident than your average woman and the things that turn them on are specific to their station in life. Taking the time to get to know your cougar a little before making your move can be great help. Both men and women are preprogrammed to always be on the prowl for the best mate, when someone comes along who seems like they fit the bill there is a strong desire to pursue it. You can use this to your advantage by playing a few great moves at the perfect time.


Your approach to seducing a cougar has to be as a friend first and foremost. You must seem friendly with an innocent interest in her as a person. She must value your opinion to go any farther and if she presumes your after sex, that isn’t going to happen. Make your first goal one of friendship. Treat her as you would any other female friend. Confide in her about your job and family issues and talk about relationship problems. Once you are both confiding in each other, you are on the right track.


Confiding in each other is a great tool for seduction. She feels comfortable with you and she trusts your opinion. At this stage you can subtly begin to amplify the negative parts of her relationship. The objective being to get her thinking about why it is exactly she is with him. Doubts begin to creep in and she starts to see more reasons the relationship may not be doing the trick anymore. When she mentions some derogatory he says to her, you can answer by saying “Oh I hate when he does that.” It’s not a good idea to come down too hard on him though. Your agenda would be too obvious. Instead, find a few positive points and concentrate on them too.

Best Behavior

Now is the time to show off those gentlemanly skills women love so much. SLIDE SHOW – How to be a gentleman. Open the car doors for her, pull out her chair. Don’t let her walk on the wrong side of the curb or step in a puddle. Display all the most coveted male characteristics. Do all the things her boyfriend used to do that she misses so much. Do it subtly, nonchalant, without any airs. Let her know that you believe she deserves such treatment just for being who she is. Encourage her to think about why she doesn’t deserve such treatment in her relationship.


Flirting is important but must be approached with caution. Learn How To Flirt Here – Coming on too strong can ruin everything. The first moves should be so subtle that she will question herself on whether your flirting or not. Flirting should start with nothing more than a longing glance. A look into her eyes that lasts just a few seconds longer than it should. Make it happen at the most opportune moments possible. Take advantage of moonlight and sunny beaches and other romantic places and give her something to think about later. You’ll be able to judge her engagement to see if she’s receptive. It may take a while. You can move on to more aggressive forms of flirtation like casual touches and lingering hugs. The key is to take it slow. Don’t rush anything.


Innocent teasing is most effective at this point. The best example is a hug that lasts just a little too long, your hands slipping just slightly lower than normally. Breathe in the scent behind her ear and feel her body tremble uncontrollably. Hold her hand for just a few seconds or put your arm around her waist as you walk into a restaurant. Letting her feel how strong you are every once in a while is good thing. Dancing is a fun activity in the seduction ritual. VIDEO: – The Dance Floor Seduction – The objective is to let her feel your body and how it feels in your arms but under the safety of friendship. She will begin to wonder if it is a safety or a burden.

It isn’t impossible to seduce a cougar. Many are ripe for the picking. Some polls suggest the longer a woman has been married the more interested in a short term affair she is. Odds are in your favor. Confidence is major player in seducing a cougar. These women have life experience that their younger counterparts have not yet achieved. Confidence in a major turn on for them. Let them know you are interested and you know how to treat her and you have half the battle won.

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