How-to-text-a-married-woman-you-are-hooking-up-withStarting an affair with a married woman can give you a high feeling unlike any other. It’s dangerous and mysterious, and every time together feels sexy and dirty, but definitely in a good way. It means sneaking in and out of each other’s home and meeting up in hotels, stealing every minute possible when you two can get back to the bedroom. There’s no telling when the affair could end, but until it does, you’re going to enjoy every hot minute of it. So now that you are sleeping with a married woman, the game changes when it comes to communication, and you need to know how to be direct and discreet. Follow these guidelines for texting your married sex buddy, and you’ll be able to keep the affair going for as long as you want it.

Obey her times

Most married women have schedules. If they work, they have obligations to be certain places at certain times, and if they’re mothers, then their children require attention as well. At the same time, you too have work obligations to fulfill, and you might even have another sex buddy on the side. The point is that you each have time restraints, and if a woman says not to text her at certain time, listen to her. That might be a time when she really needs to concentrate on her work, her kids, or her extended family. She might not want to have her phone going off during dinner when her husband is right next to her or when her friends are eyeing her as she’s constantly testing you. Remember, if a woman feels overwhelmed or like she might get caught, she’ll end the affair. Don’t push her time and obey her rules for texting times.

Compliment her

Part of the reason why women cheat on their husbands is because they feel undesirable or overlooked. They feel as if their husbands never feel passionate about them, and even if they buy sexy underwear or wear something hot to be, their husbands will never notice. When texting with a woman you’re hooking up with, always make a point to compliment her. Learn how to compliment girls here. Even if you haven’t seen her that day, compliment how she looked the last time you saw her. Admire how her hair looked or how great she looked in bed. You can keep your compliments on the tamer side or you can be a little more direct and compliment her body or her performance last time you were together. Do make an effort to give her at least one non-sexy compliment. The originality of your company comes from your ability to recognize the small things about her, the things her husband often misses. This will remind her what you’re doing for her, and she’ll be less likely to end the affair.

Send photos discretely

One of the great things about cell phones is that you can send photos and even videos to each other and take your affair to a whole new level, even when you can’t be together. Send her a picture without your shirt or get creative with your angles. If you have a smart phone, the SnapChat app has become a necessity for men and women having an affair. This app allows you to send a photo or video and attach a timer to it. The photo or video with either be displayed or play for a short amount of time, and then it will disappear from the phone. It will not be saved to a photo or video album so any curious husbands cannot go scrolling through their wives phones and accidentally find something you didn’t want them to see. (Are snapchat photos really deleted? Find out.) If one or neither of you have smartphones, you can still send photos and videos to each other, but you’ll need to be discrete and refer back to our first point about not texting her when she says not to. If a husband peaks over his wife’s shoulder and see you, the affair will be over in a second.

Come up with a code

For some sex buddies, coming up with a code is one of the best ways to sneakily text at any time of the day. This will enable you to text at any time of the day, and you’ll be able to easily arrange for more hookups throughout the day. Adopt a believable persona, such as a female coworker, and create a dialogue that would not seem suspicious if anyone were to read your messages. Asking “Do you have that report done” might mean “Can you sneak away or something to that effect. Keep the conversation geared towards work topics and no one will suspect a thing.

Texting a married woman takes discretion, but if you can learn how to do it well, you’re sure to have a long-lasting, steamy affair that just won’t stop.

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