What-Women-Are-Looking-for-When-Seeking-an-AffairContrary to popular belief, women know exactly what they want when they enter an affair. Despite what you hoped, the chances are slim to none that you will find an affair partner by sweeping her off her feet with romance and charm. This is actually a good thing. An affair shouldn’t be about love and romance unless it is meant to be an end to the marriage and not an extracurricular activity. In essence, an affair is successful if it relieves some stress and adds some excitement and a break from monotony. Women have affairs for a lot of reasons but it all boils down to one thing. Something is missing in their lives and you need to be the one to replace it. Women seeking affairs are actually more attracted to married men for just this reason. They do not have to fear them wanting to stay around.

Having An Affair Can Help Women With Self-esteem Issues

Many surveys have been done on women who have affairs throughout the years by everyone from women’s magazines to universities and medical groups. The reason most women point to the most for their affairs is self-esteem. Self-esteem can really be a combination of many problems in the marriage. If a wife is feeling unnoticed or unattractive at home for too long, chances are she will search out a way to feel sexy and pretty. Studies have shown that women who work outside the home have the most affairs. Homemakers and wives have far less affairs. Most likely this is because they have fewer relationships outside the house. Over half of the women who have affairs met their affair partners at work. If their needs aren’t being met at home, most women, especially those already outside the home a lot, will search out another man to meet them.

Women Seek Affairs To Combat Boredom

Boredom can mean a lot of things. It can mean bored of her daily life, bored of the sex in the marriage or just bored with the marriage all together. Once a woman becomes so bored in any of those areas, and feels like she’s tried all she can try and she cant fix it, she will begin to need an affair. Being with another man will reignite her lust for sex with her husband. It is a break in the monotonous sex she has been experiencing with the same man for so long. It can also serve to break up the monotony of her life as a homemaker. Staying home day after day with the most excitement being the meal preparations can get old fast. After years of the same days repeatedly, many women want to break out of the pattern and do something wildly different.

An Affair Can Help A Woman’s Loneliness

Men who work a lot always run the risk of having lonely, unhappy wives. No one really plans to put in that many hours on the job but as many newlyweds find out, family life is expensive. One thing leads to another and years later, you work a 70+ hour workweek. Wives, like any marriage partner, become lonely when the man they chose to spend their life with is no longer available 95% of the time. Housewives seek out affair partners in order to alleviate loneliness and feel some human connection. They aren’t after a divorce, its just the break in boredom they are seeking. Spending time with other people your own age is an important part of happiness. Some more so than others. For a lonely wife who hasn’t seen anyone but her husband and kids for a couple months, an affair could be just what the doctor ordered.

Mid-Life Crisis Can Lead To Having An Affair

Men do not have the market on mid-life crisis affairs. Women also begin to feel less sexy as middle age sets in and often find themselves seeking encouragement in the arms of another man. Even if a marriage is good, it may seem imperative to have someone else’s sexual attention to reiterate her own worthiness and sexuality. As a woman ages and her body changes, it is far less acceptable to society than a man’s body changes. Women are no longer seen as sexy or desirable. When women meet a certain age and begin to realize the changes in their own body, they feel self-conscious and loss confidence in their own abilities. Not just in the ability to be attractive but it leaks ito other parts of their lives as well. Women in their middle years will often seek out affairs to prove to themselves that they are still hot and desirable to other men and it works. In most cases, a middle age woman will have an affair and then return to her marriage when her fears have been alleviated.

Women are looking for all types of solutions when they search out an affair. There is no way to know exactly all the things she needs but being attentive goes a long way in making any affair successful for both of you.

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