Top-Reasons-Women-Become-Bored-and-Lonely-Housewives-that-CheatWomen who are happy in their marriage do not cheat. This is a fairly obvious fact but one that is often over looked. When an affair happens, something has went wrong in the marriage. That is not to say that they want to get a divorce. Quite the contrary in most cases. There are very specific and legitimate reasons that a woman has an affair. Being aware of these reasons and knowing why they occur is a key part of finding the perfect bored and lonely housewife to hookup with. Here are some top reasons women become bored and lonely housewives that cheat on their husbands.

Bad or Lack of Sex causes a housewife to cheat

One of the very top reasons women search out affairs from loneliness and boredom is sex. It can either be bad or lack luster or it can be nonexistent. Either situation will a wife reason to search out an affair. When couples first marry, their sex lives are rampant and exciting. They are having sex everyday and often several times per day. Their hunger for each other is often insatiable and a woman can get used to that. When that exciting, full speed ahead sex life dies down, she still expects it. Every marriage goes through a cooling down period but couples must find a way to keep things fresh and exciting or an affair is bound to take place.


Masculinity is a big deal to women. The majority of women want a man who exudes testosterone. The feeling of a man who can take care of them completely and their family is a big turn on to those women. When that feeling isn’t there or it begins to wane, she doesn’t feel secure anymore. It scares her and feels the need to find a man to fill those needs for security for her. This can happen when a man loses his job or goes through an illness. If the couple doesn’t have good communication, a small misunderstanding can turn into a large issue and the next thing you know she’s online searching for an affair.

Boredom and the Dreaded Monotony

After so many years, any marriage can become stale. It takes a rather unusually stringent couple to maintain the same level of excitement throughout the entire marriage. The everyday life issues that happen have a tendency to drain a marriage of spontaneity. Bills and responsibilities make it almost impossible to keep the level of excitement that it was when the relationship was new. There isn’t much more exciting than a brand new sexual relationship. It can be addicting, which is a lot of the reason people stay together who have great sex. Once that excitement is gone, a bored and lonely housewife will look for those same feeling elsewhere.

Loneliness can cause a wife to cheat

Right up there with bad sex is loneliness and the lack of feeling sexy. Since regular life and the responsibilities of the world are so often the killers of a great sex life and awesome relationship, it stands to reason that it effects the time they spend together as well. This is especially true if there are children involved. A large family is expensive and often both spouses must work, spending much of their time outside the house. When work schedules collide and spouses rarely see one another, loneliness ensues. Even if the wife doesn’t work outside the house, her husband’s job may keep him at work so often they rarely see each other. As necessary as this may be for survival, it is hell on a marriage.

Never-ending Arguments will lead a housewife to cheat

Sometimes marriages reach a place where there is an impasse. Regardless of how much love is present, or how long they have been together, there is a problem they cannot get through. A successful relationship depends upon open and honest communication but sometimes there are issues that cannot be solved. Differences in morals and values are a great example. When two people have an argument that stems from vastly different deep-seated morals, it takes a major occurrence to get through it and sometimes they don’t want to get through it. These are the types of arguments that happen over and over again. Recurring arguments that make a person feel as if they don’t really know their spouse or that it really isn’t the person they married. It is only a matter of time before they begin to search out someone with whom they feel more compatible morally.

There are myriad reasons that housewives become bored and lonely and began to look for an affair. All the top reasons, however, are related to sex and feelings of love. Those are the hardest parts of the marriage to keep fresh and exciting and most often lead to divorce. The hard truth though, is that women rarely want to leave their husbands when they engage in an affair. Most often they are simply searching out some fun while they work on the problems in the marriage. It’s your job to be that stress reliever for her.

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