Is-50-Shades-Of-Grey-Making-More-Lonely-Housewives-Start-CheatingRegardless of your opinions on the whole 50 Shades of Grey Phenomenon, you’ve got to admit that it has awakened the passions of women of all ages. Never before has a work of fiction given rise to so many mature women talking openly about their sexual desires. And with all of that talk about desire, it seems like a given to assume that most of these women are doing so much reading about a fictional character’s sex life because they’re not having their own sexual desires fulfilled at home. The great thing about this for men who love to have affairs with married women is that it’s the rare person who can start exploring their unmet sexual needs without moving on to acting on those desires. Could it be that 50 Shades of Grey is making more lonely housewives cheat? Of course it is.

Taking Advantage of the 50 Shades Phenomenon

If you’re smart, you will take full advantage of this 50 Shades Phenomenon and offer these bored and lonely housewives the opportunity to explore their own sexual fantasies. Be the guy who seems to be able to read their mind, and let them know that not only can you guess what they’re fantasizing about, you would love nothing more than to help them turn fantasies into reality. Don’t come on terribly strong with the S&M stuff, because this might scare of those with zero experience. Make it more titillating than terrifying, and they’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand.

Embody Your Inner Christian Grey

As much as it might embarrass you to do so, you might want to buy a copy of 50 Shades. The key to being successful at attracting and maintaining affairs is to understand the minds of the women you’re trying to hook up with. A big part of this is knowing what women desire, what they’re thinking about when they’re masturbating, and what they’re husbands aren’t doing for them. Sure, you can ask, and that can be effective, but if you seemingly just know, it’s like catnip for women. Get the book, read it, and start using what you learn about Christian Grey to make yourself more attractive to the women you meet online.

Choosing the Right Sites to Meet the 50 Shades Lonely Housewives

Ok, so you’re convinced. You’ve got to strike while the iron is hot, and you’re eager to get started. But where do you go to meet the lonely housewives who read 50 Shades of Grey and are finally feeling bold enough to pursue their own inner fantasies by having an affair? There are tons of affair dating websites out there, but most of them aren’t any good. You’ve got to stick with the tried and true in order to get the results you’re hoping for. Your best bets include Horny Wife, MILF Book, and Lonely Wives Club. These sites are brimming with the type of women who are dying to find men to take control and bring them the type of pleasure they’ve yearned for and aren’t receiving in their marriages.

It’s All About Power, Confidence, and Taking Control

Almost all women fantasize about the same kind of man. They want someone who is powerful and confident enough to take control of the situation so that they can fully let go and give in to the experience of being pleasured. A lot of times, even if they’re still having sex with their husbands, this is not the experience they have with them. Over time, the passion has faded, and on top of that, a lot of their husbands are anything but take charge and concerned with making sure that their wives are having a good sexual experience. Instead, they rely on their wives all day every day, to cook their meals, clean their homes, do their laundry, and run their errands. And after all of that, what do they do when it’s time for sex? They make halfhearted attempts at foreplay, then do whatever it is that they like to do to get off as quickly as possible. Many wives have been faking orgasms for years, just because it gets the whole thing over with quicker, because their husbands are inept. Be the guy who does the opposite of that. You run your own life. You don’t expect them to clean up your messes or otherwise turn into your mother. When you get together for sex, you give your full attention to making sure that she is fully satiated by the experience. If you’re wondering what’s in it for you, let me tell you. A deprived woman treated to this kind of sex will be the most voracious, enthusiastic, and generous lover you’ve ever had. Make it good for her, and I guarantee you that it will be fifty shades of excellent for you, too.

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