How-lonely-housewives-and-Cougars-have-gone-from-bars-to-the-internetThere was once a time when the only place you met a lonely housewife or cougar was the produce aisle and PTA meeting. If you got lucky and her husband left on business, you might catch one at the corner bar. Those days are over, however, thanks to the onset of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Today, it is possible to find myriad lonely housewives on the Internet at any given time. Before the Internet there were much fewer ways for lonely people in general to meet others people. Meeting new people was done through mutual acquaintances or public outings only. That in itself is hard for lonely people to do because they are often out of practice in the social scene. In the case of lonely housewives, the loneliness creeps on slowly so the social inadequacies aren’t the problem. The problem is keeping things a secret.

Housewives do not start out lonely. They are busy, vibrant, social women at first. Sometimes marriage and its duties and responsibilities take over a woman’s life to the point that is all she knows. Many times in situations like these, the husband works inordinate amounts of hours and the couple is apart for weeks and sometimes months at a time. The romantic connection is strained and the wife becomes lonely. If there are children involved in the marriage, the chances are even greater that she will begin to lose track of her own interests and become lonely. The only option is to attend what social functions are available for moms and wives and hope for the occasional one-night-stand when the opportunity arises. When the Internet became part of everyday life, so did the online dating scene. Slowly, a niche developed completely for lonely housewives.

Online dating is so much easier for lonely wives & cougars than regular dating. It isn’t easy to leave the house in search of an affair or no-strings-attached hookup when you are in a marriage. Looking online requires only a quiet room and a few moments alone. Using sites specifically for lonely wives makes everything even easier. Most wives seeking an affair are not doing so in order to destroy their marriage. They are not looking for a reason to divorce. To the contrary, they want to stay in their marriages and to do so means they have to find a way to alleviate their feelings of loneliness and boredom. In order to make that happen for their clientele, these sites offer special features like increased privacy and anonymity as well as simple interface and mobile GPS technologies.

Progressing from bars to the Internet was not as major a step as it might seem. It was actually a natural progression followed by the rest of the world in nearly everything else in society. Technology has progresses every aspect of human lives from entertainment to medicine. Why is it so strange that lonely wives would make the move from the bar to the Internet? Bars were never the best option for people searching out affairs anyway. Sure, you could usually get laid, but the playing field was limited to whomever happened to be there. Dating online lets you pick and choose who you’d like to communicate with no matte where they are in the world. This is especially handy for lonely housewives. They are able to feel more secure when picking the right guy for a casual affair. There is less chance she will get a guy that shows up at her doorstep a few weeks later or develops some strange addiction to her that he cant shake.

Having an affair is a personal thing for both parties. No one really knows why it happens other than the person themselves. Wives often find themselves bored and lonely as years progress and they turn to affairs to alleviate the pain. The ease of use of the Internet and the ability to target exactly who you’d like to meet, drew lonely wives like the proverbial flies to honey. There are literally thousands of dating sites dedicated to married folks searching for affair partners, either for a long stretch or an overnight quickie. The fact is, the married dating scene moving from the bars to the Internet was inevitable. The perceived anonymity of the Internet gives many lonely housewives the confidence and bravery they need to check it out. Once they peruse a few sites and realize the benefits, they are hooked. Many lonely housewives use the same site repeatedly whenever they are seeking extramarital affairs. The added security benefits, in particular, become hard to do without. Some of the mobile app versions offer features like messages that disappear after a few seconds and icons disguised as sports or gaming apps making it impossible to be discovered.

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