How-to-Meet-Lonely-Wives-When-You-are-Out-of-Town-on-BusinessThere comes a time in a gentleman’s life where he’s been through the girlfriends and affairs and he realizes all he’s really looking for is the occasional good time. He’s decided he really does love his wife and the marriage has a lot going for it. Many married women feel similar. Some Cougars develop feelings of loneliness and while they still love their husbands, they crave excitement. Why mess all that up for sex when you can just partake when the time is right? The time is never more right than when you are out of town on business. The question is how to find someone to spend time with when you’re out of town on business.

Paint the Town Red

The most obvious choice is to visit a nightspot. Nightclubs, bars, lounges and the like are great places to meet lonely housewives when their own husbands are busy working. When you get to the hotel, ask the desk clerk where the hottest nightspots are. Find out where the best places to go for a cocktail, steak dinner or dancing are. Ask more than one person. What may be a great idea to one gal at the hotel desk doesn’t mean it’s the best place in town. Ask the convenience store clerk, other hotel guests and whoever else you come in contact with. If the hotel has a bar, don’t forget to check there. Many cougars will frequent hotel or airport lounges to find a little reprieve from their humdrum lives.

Technology to the Rescue

If you have a smartphone or computer, you have the best way of all to meet cougars when you are out of town on business. Use your PC to search for cougars on one of the many websites in place for just that reason. There are tons of them that are strictly for lonely wives to find a guy to spend some time with. They offer special privacy features and GPS functions that make things a lot easier. Smart phones make it easiest of all. There are many apps that are strictly for hookups of this nature. They are easy to use with simple swipe left or right technology. Some even offer disguised icons and hidden messages. When prying eyes look at your phone, instead of a dating app they see a sports, music or game app. They use GPS features to find member matches so its easy to find someone in the location you are doing business. My favorite out of town app for finding hookups with cougars is Tinder.


You know that hot clerk who’s been making eyes at you? There’s no time like the present. Keeping your work related dalliances to only when you’re away on business is a smart move. Just make sure everyone is on board and knows when the trip is over, so is the fun. It’s really convenient as well. It kind of makes things more fun at work too. It’s a big turn on to know the next time your out of town on business you’ll be keeping company with the hottest girl in the office. It’s also pretty cool to see her at the water cooler and know what she looks like naked. It helps make those long weeks and months between trips more bearable.

Live Performances

Anywhere there is live music is a good place to pick up a cougar. Live performances make great girls nights out. Lonely wives often go out together when their husbands have other obligations. If alcohol is involved, the chances are even better. Music is naturally uplifting and a wonderful mood enhancer. It puts everyone in a good mood and more receptive. Use it to your advantage. Go somewhere that you have a bit of familiarity. You can start a conversation with your wealth of knowledge on the band. Dazzle her with your insight. Go with a friend, if possible. You will need a wingman.

Waitresses and Servers

Waitresses are a wealth of information about the towns they live in. They are like the concierge of the traveling world. They can tell you everything from the best bars to the closest hotel. They can also tell if you’re the kind of guy one of their friends might enjoy spending time with. They may even enjoy it themselves. Don’t be afraid to ask what you need to know or even to flirt if you feel a connection. You don’t know unless you try.

There are a number of ways you can find a lonely wife when you’re traveling out of town on business. Check out the dating sites for members in the area you’re going as soon as you know the trip is scheduled. Even better if you repeatedly travel to the same place on business. You’ll be able to make a few contacts for future visits.

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