Who-Cheats-More,-Men-or-WomenMen get a bad rap for cheating. It’s a prominent theme in movies, TV shows, and celebrity gossip magazines. And, let’s face it, we do cheat a lot. However, we’re not the only ones having fun on the side. Studies show that lonely housewives step out on their marriages at least as often, and quite likely more often, as their husbands. So why is it that we hear about it so much less often? Farah Fawcett’s decade-plus affair made waves because it was considered so unusual, whereas, when we hear about famous men like Bill Clinton or Tiger Woods getting caught cheating, we might pretend to be appalled, but no one is surprised. It’s not because women aren’t out there playing the same games. It’s just that they are a hell of a lot better at not getting caught.

Why Women Cheat

Another myth that floats around is that women cheat for more justifiable reasons. Men cheat just because. They don’t need a reason. They’re bored. Someone younger or prettier caught their eye. Or just because they’re a man, and men can’t be trusted. We have this idea that women only cheat when their husband is somehow to blame. He’s a jerk and treats her like a maid. He stopped having sex with her when she got pregnant, and their kid is three years old now. Or he just stopped paying attention to her and never even notices all of the millions of things she does to try to make him happy. Sometimes all of that is true. But guess what? Plenty of times, women cheat for the exact same reasons that men are criticized for! To put it simply, women and men both cheat, and they both cheat because we’re human beings, and human beings aren’t designed for monogamy.

What Women Say About Their Affairs

I queried several women I know about their affairs. Here are some of the things they had to say about them. A friend we’ll call Jill said, “Before I got married, I never dreamed that I would cheat. But after I’d been married for a few years, I started to lose interest in sex with my husband. It had become too familiar. Too routine. I wanted excitement, and eventually I went looking for it.” Another woman, Deborah, told me, “Do I feel guilty about my affairs? No. I’d feel guilty if I was reckless and got caught. I love my husband, and I don’t want to hurt him. But as long as he doesn’t know about them, not only are my affairs not hurting him, they’re benefiting him. When I have sexual variety, I find my husband more interesting, lovable, and yes, even sexier. We’ve never had hotter sex than when I’m fooling around on the side.” They have a point, don’t they?

How Women Avoid Getting Caught

I asked the women I spoke with how they avoid getting caught by their husbands. The number one thing they credited to their success at hiding their activities was the use of lonely housewife dating sites to find affairs. Deborah said, “I would never fool around with a neighbor or hang out in night clubs looking for a hookup. I’d be found out in no time. I keep it discrete by meeting men on sites like Horny Wife, and because they have no connection to my life, my husband never has a clue.” Other things the women said helped them protect their affairs included keeping hush-hush. What people don’t know, they can’t tell. They don’t gossip with their girlfriends about it, and they certainly don’t tell family members or co-workers. They’re also careful about erasing all traces of their communications with their flings, password protect their electronic devices, and take care to meet up with the men they’re cheating with some distance from their homes, making it less likely that they’ll be seen together.

Married Women are Sex Dating’s Hottest Commodity

While you might not be thrilled to hear about women’s cheating ways if you’ve got a wife, you should be. All men should be happy to hear that women are cheaters. These ladies are sex dating’s hottest commodities. Since almost all women cheat, it means that there are plenty of women looking for no strings sex, and with no shortage of women looking for it, you’ll have no trouble finding it. Married women make great casual sex partners. They’re not looking for love, they value discretion, and usually the sex is awesome, both because they’re sexually frustrated, and because illicit sex is always more exciting. And the next time you hear someone talking about how women are so much more faithful than men, just smile and nod, knowing you’ll be having the best sex of your life with another man’s wife later that night.

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