Cougars are a hot commodity these days. If you haven’t already been with an older woman, you’re trying to. If you have, you are steadily trying to do it again. There is something about dating an older woman that you just can’t name. There are plenty of advantages you can name, but there is a certain mystical something dating a cougar has that younger women do not. This IT factor keeps younger men forever searching the opportunity to dazzle a women of advanced years. We search for it everywhere. In real life, in professional environments and online, we are always hoping to find the cougar of our dreams. Those dreams are becoming a reality way more often than they used to because cougars are in every facet of life. It is only recently that they became so open about their proclivities.

There are More Cougars on Tinder Because They are More Socially Prevalent

Cougars are easy to find. They are regular women who live regular lives. They are teachers and accountants and stay-at-home moms. They are librarians and store clerks and waitresses. They live and work where you do. They even play where you do. Take a look on any dating website and you will see a fair share of cougars. It is no surprise there are so many cougars on Tinder. —> See VIDEO. The open attitudes of the public toward cougar dating and cougars on Tinder has made it a lot easier for women to consider dating younger men. They don’t have to worry about social repercussions as much as in previous years.

There are More Cougars on Tinder Because it is Easy

Cougars enjoy the ease and simplicity of Tinder. One of the biggest reasons cougars are on Tinder is because it is so quick and easy to use. Most cougars are busy women with eventful calendars. They have jobs and families and personal commitments to keep. A simple, easy to use dating app is a big draw for anyone who has a lot on their plate. There are a lot of cougars on Tinder because it fits their lifestyle. If you want to date a cougar you find on Tinder, you will have to fit into her lifestyle as well.

There are More Cougars on Tinder Because it is Trendy

Cougars are just as trendy as anyone else. More so than some, actually. Cougars are successful, independent women who love attention from younger men. They know what they want in life and they are not afraid to pursue it. They have their fingers on the pulse of American society more accurately than any other generation. American women in their 40’a and 50’s have seen more societal changes and played more parts in it than any other generation of women. If it is trendy, they know about it and how to use it to their advantage.

There are More Cougars on Tinder Because They are no Longer Invisible

Cougars used to wait quietly on the sidelines, afraid to make their desires known. The only way these cougar/cub relationships happened was if the two already knew each other in a different facet of life. That is no longer the case. You see more cougars on Tinder because they are really putting themselves out there without hesitation. No more hiding from society and their condemnations. If a woman is interested in dating a younger guy, you will see her on Tinder. Cougars were once invisible women, on the fringes of society. They lived out their younger men fantasies on the down low. Today, they hang out a shingle and Tinder is just the storefront.

You are going to see more cougars on Tinder in the coming years, but also more cougars in every venue and trend available. Cougars are not shy anymore. They aren’t hiding behind the scenes. They have nothing to fear. There are many cubs out there just dying for their chance at a real cougar experience. So, take a quick look around Tinder next time you get on. You’ll see there are more and more cougars on Tinder each time. Get used to it. It is definitely the new normal.


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