What is it exactly that makes a woman a cougar? Is it just her age or is there some special trait that no one knows about? Cougars are everywhere these days. Movies about cougars, television shows pertaining to cougars, websites and podcasts dedicated to cougardom, and bars catering to cougars have made it a part of everyday life. While cougars have always been around and are more prevalent than ever, we still find them hard to define in anything other than broad terms. We know cougars are women who prefer to date men at least 10 years younger than them. But what else is there to them? Plenty. Read on to inform yourself on the wide, wonderful world of cougars and what makes a woman a cougar.

Age is Only Part of What Makes a Woman a Cougar

When you think of a cougar, people automatically conjure up images of an older woman on the prowl. Being over 35 is only one portion of the things that make a woman a cougar, but it is an important part. Some people may think any woman can be a cougar, when in fact, only women over the age of 35-years-old can be considered a cougar in the truest form of the word. This makes sense since a woman in her 20’s dating younger men could essentially be dating children. So, common sense tells us you cannot be a cougar until you hit age 35. Otherwise she’s just a sex offender.

A Desire for Younger Men is a Necessary Part of What Makes a Woman a Cougar

A woman dating a guy who is younger than her can be considered a cougar, but it isn’t that simple. Just a few years younger is not good enough to fit the bill. The man in question must be at least 10 years younger than her. Preferably, more than 10 years. A true cougar will not give a second thought to dating someone 15 or even 20+ years younger than her.

What Makes a Woman a Cougar is in Her Appearance

In order to date younger men, younger men must be attracted to you. Thus, cougars are generally highly attractive, well-kempt women. They smell good and have nicely done hair. Their nails are clean and manicured. The attire of the cougar fits her well and is stylish. Not only is she groomed well but she moves with grace and carries an air of mystique. In short, a cougar is the cat’s meow.

What Makes a Woman a Cougar is Her Confidence

Appearance and age are not the only thing that makes a woman a cougar. Not only are younger men attracted to them because of their beauty and grace but also their confidence. They aren’t afraid to show up alone. They feel great having all eyes in the room on them. Having a conversation with an attractive man is like second nature to these gals. They have the world by the horns and they know it. It shows and its sexy as hell.

A Career and Financial Stability Are a Big Part of What Makes a Woman a Cougar

A successful career and financial stability are low key part of being a cougar. It isn’t a big part, but it is partially responsible for what makes cougars so confident. They do not depend on anyone else to help them with their bills, or the things they want. They simply do whatever they want to do. Having financial stability allows them to date younger men who are usually not financially stable. Cougars have careers that are established and allow them to travel and get great perks.

There are just a few things that must be present in a woman to make her a cougar, but that isn’t the whole picture. There are a million tiny little things that make each cougar an individually sexy entity all to herself. It is all those tiny little things that really make a cougar. Simply a desire for and conquest of younger men is not all that is needed for true cougarhood. It does the trick technically but there is so


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