Dating a cougar is not the secretive thing it used to be. Just a few years ago, dating a cougar was not something you told people you were doing. You might tell a close friend, but probably not. You kept it to yourself unless it got serious but that rarely happened. The stigma attached to dating a cougar kept both cougar and cub from spreading the word when they got involved in one of these relationships. Because of its taboo status, these relationships tended to die on the vine, never reaching much of a connection other than initial sexual attraction. Things have changed, however. People are less judgmental of others and are concentrating more on the bigger picture in their own lives. Dating a cougar isn’t a big deal anymore but since these relationships are fairly new to society, there is a lot you might not know about dating a cougar.

There are no games. Seriously

It takes a while to realize that there are just no games being played when you date a cougar. It is always a what you see is what you get relationship. No hidden agendas, head games or mind manipulations. When a cougar has an agenda, she makes it plain. Cougars have learned that playing games is just a waste of time and the best way to get what you want is to directly pursue it. Cougars are confident in themselves and their decisions like no others. It will surprise you how easily your cougar trusts herself. It is one of the many sexy qualities that calls to men of all ages.

They Don’t Need You. They Want You

Something that older women have that younger women do not is independence. Not just an emotional independence but independence in all areas of their lives. They do not need a relationship for any reason other than a pure desire. Younger women are often sucked into or trapped within a relationship because they need financial help. If they do not have other family or a support system to fall back on this is especially true, but it happens in all types of scenarios. Cougars are content without you. They support themselves and look at cubs as a welcome addition to her already perfect life.

Dating a Cougar is Easy

Most romantic relationships are hard. Marriage is definitely hard. Younger men often make the common mistake of thinking that entering a relationship a cougar is going to take the same amount of strength and perseverance that it does with a younger woman. To the contrary, dating a cougar is a lot easier than other age brackets. These women are past the drama stage and all they want is a little attention and companionship. They don’t want to argue or find reasons to be jealous. You won’t find an easier relationship than the ones you have with a cougar.

Dating a Cougar Means Minding Your Own Business

Believe it or not, cougars do not want to share every waking moment of their life with you. In fact, they are fairly private about the inner workings of their lives. You won’t catch them rambling on and on about daily conversations or taking 15 minuets to describe a situation that should have only taken 3. Cougars have already learned how valuable it is to keep your cards close to your vest. This is another reason it is so easy to have a relationship with a cougar. They don’t want to discuss every little thing or need your input on every decision they make.

Rest assured, this is not all that you do not know about dating a cougar. There is a lot more. Dating a cougar is an adventure. It is so different from dating other age groups of women, you never know what to expect. Use it to your advantage and enjoy the ride. You’ll learn some things about yourself along the way. Some of these relationships last for years and really stick. Others will not be meant for the long-run and serve a more temporary purpose. Dating a cougar can be fun for the long haul or just for now. No matter how it turns out, you’ll be glad you had the experience.


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