Dating a cougar has always been a hot topic. Either you really want to, or you really don’t and want to know why someone else would. It’s also a hot topic among women. Some women love dating younger men or can’t wait to try it, or they are totally repulsed and reviled by those who do. You may find a rare few who have no opinion on cougar and cub dating. Like all things sexual, dating a cougar has changed tremendously over the last few years in particular. Many of the old taboo thoughts and preconditioned notions pertaining to cougars have been alleviated. There are still obstacles to dating a cougar, but even those have changed over the years.

Dating a Cougar Has Changed in Where You Meet

Years ago, if you dated a cougar it was because she was your mom’s hot friend or your friend’s hot mom. Sometimes you’d find the occasional sexed up neighbor lady or hot and horny café waitress, but it was always with a woman you already knew in a different aspect of your life. This is not necessarily the case in today’s cougar dating world. Those instances are the most common in a traditional sense but there are so many additional ways to meet and begin dating a cougar. The biggest change is the onset of online dating. Research shows us that people over 50 have the best chance at making an Internet founded relationship work out. Maybe that is part of the reason so many cougars are online. Not only are everyday dating sites packed full of cougars, but there are plenty of sites set up specifically for dating a cougar.

The Frequency of Dating a Cougar Has Changed

Dating a cougar has never been that one in a million opportunity that the media and popular consensus makes it out to be. In fact, it has always happened and always will. People of any age can be attracted to each other. Designating a name to such relationships, such as cougar dating, doesn’t change its frequency or nature. What has changed the frequency is the change in attitudes in both cougars and in cubs. People are no longer as concerned with what other people think of them. Dating a cougar is the least of their worries. It isn’t that more people are dating cougars. It is that less people are hiding these relationships.

Dating a Cougar Isn’t Just a Fad Anymore

Since dating a cougar had such a stigma attached to it, people never intended it to go anywhere. When it happened, it was always assumed from the onset that it would be temporary. No one who began dating a cougar actually went in thinking it could or would turn into a lifelong relationship. In fact, it was usually kept hush hush until such time as it was deemed over. That isn’t the case anymore. In fact, it is hardly even an issue at all. Dating a cougar is just another relationship these days and most people just take it as it comes. If it lasts, it lasts. If not, move on.

Dating a Cougar Doesn’t Mean You Pick Her Up at Her House and Hit Dinner and a Movie

Dating a cougar is a whole new ballgame than it ever has been before. Dating in general usually means you ask a woman out, pick her up, take her out, and take her home. Usually dinner, a movie, dancing or a concert are on the nights agenda. No more. The public in general and dating women in specific have largely chosen to forgo being picked up in leu of meeting you in public somewhere. Women are tired of getting stranded after crappy dates or wishing they could bail sooner rather than later.

Dating a cougar has changed in almost every way dating can change. It should come as no surprise, however. Everything changes and dating a cougar is no different. Most of the traditional disadvantages of dating a cougar have been eliminated with societies taboos. What we are left with is a chance to date some amazing women without the societal drama and discourse. Find yourself a cougar today and enjoy the perks.


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