Younger men have always been attracted to older women. Society had placed a taboo on those types of relationship, but it didn’t quell the passion. Every man has lusted over his buddy’s mom or big sister. We have all had a teacher that made it hard to stand up when the bell rang. We just refrained from acting on it very often because it was so scorned it felt there was no use. It couldn’t last. Cougars can be a temporary relationship at best. As years go by, however, younger men are realizing the many benefits of dating older women. And what a time to do so with women staying hotter longer than ever before. No one wants to be shamed for their choices in this age, and that goes for men who like older women. They have seen the holy land and she’s been around since the moon landing. No longer do these relationships linger in the shadows. Cougar/cub couples are all over the place and a big reason is men like the cougar sex. It is something no younger woman can replicate. It can only be attained with age and experience. Once a man finds the right cougar, it is a sexual experience that remains in his memory for the entirety of his life.

Cougars are Confident in bed

By around 45 or so, women begin to realize how fruitless it is to seek the approval of anyone else. Once this miraculous knowledge rears its head, women become more confident in themselves. You can see it in their actions, behaviors, and mannerisms. It may be most evident of all in the bedroom. By their 40’s, women have perfected their style and are secure in their look. This is extremely confidence building. Cougars know that life is short and enjoying yourself is of extreme importance. They have no qualms trying new things and completely opening up to the sexual experience whereas many younger women are to self-conscious.

Cougars Have Knowledge and Experience

Knowledge and experience go hand and hand. You gain knowledge through the experiences you have during your lifetime. Cougars know more about sex for the sheer fact that hey have had access to the information longer. They have had a longer time to accumulate sexual experiences. Cougars have also had the benefit of watching social norms and taboos change over the years. They have improved on what didn’t work and tried new things to replace the outdated. Sex with a cougar is so good because its like a dance with a great partner. She gets how this is supposed to work and even knows a few things you don’t.

Cougars Are in it to Win it

Cougars know that life is short. They want to enjoy sex just as much as you do. It isn’t about looking pretty or being afraid you see her fat. She doesn’t care if her hair is messed up or her lipstick is smeared. Weird body noises don’t bother her. You can even do it with the light on. There is no pretense in sex with a cougar. She wants it as bad as you do and she doesn’t care if you know it. That’s hot. Even hotter, she wants it for herself. Not to gain an upper hand in the relationship. Not to get closer to you or get something from you. You want to have sex with you for pure animalistic satisfaction. Wow.

Cougars Know Their Own Bodies and Yours Too

A cougar will already know what turns her on and how to get you to do it. She obviously likes younger men, so you’ve got that. She knows where her hot spots are and where to touch her to get her there. It takes years of life to get that kind of confident knowledge of your own body. She has been around the male anatomy for as long as you have been alive. She knows at least as much as you do about it and probably more when we speak sexually.
Mature women are better in bed because they have had years of practice. Just like anything else, you get real good at the things you practice. Even if she has had only one partner, she’s had multiple experiences to perfect it and learned her own body in the process.


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