Did it surprise you that your cougar girlfriend still wants to sext? It shouldn’t have. One of the biggest reasons you are dating a cougar is because she is hot. She likes to be in male company and she knows how to make men enjoy her company just as much. Now that you know she likes to sext, you’ll have to step up your game. Sexting a cougar takes a little more thought than sexting younger women. As in everything they tackle, cougars put an extra effort into sexting. They want it to be as sexy as possible, both coming and going. You don’t want to disappoint your cougar when it comes to sexting. You may not get a chance to make it up to her. Here are some tips to sext that cougar like a pro! .

Let Her Take the Lead

There is only one way to make sure you do not make a mistake in sexting your cougar. Let her take the lead. Let her show you the way. Let her lead you into what she finds arousing. Your job is to look for clues and follow her hints. Go slow. Pay attention. Revel in this sexy mind game you get to play. Don’t be to eager, however. Make her work for it. Let her squirm a bit to try to get her point across. You want to be absolutely sure of what she wants, but its also fun to see her squirm.

Be Brief When Sexting With A Cougar

Answer in short phrases. Don’t go into any details until you know exactly what she wants. Until she almost asks you for it verbatim. Reply to all her sexy messages briefly but powerfully. Chose your words carefully. The goal is to make every word have a punch, so the sentence doesn’t have to be long. The words don’t have to be dirty, or even suggestive. Just powerful. To deliver this kind of message, you must pay attention to what she is saying as well as the subtle cues. Don’t respond to every text, either. Let her send two or even three or more before you respond in a brief, sultry message.

Don’t Overthink It When Sexting With A Cougar

It may sound contradictory to what we have said above, but don’t overthink your sext messages or what she sexts. Pay attention. You don’t want to wing it, but it doesn’t help to overthink what either of you is saying. Sexting is meant to be fun, frivolous, and exciting. None of it is meant to take to heart. Go with the flow. Do what feels right. Its all in the name of fun. Save your important conversations for a face-to-face interaction.

Accuse Your Cougar of Being a Flirt

You have to take it slow. That is a must. To kill time, play dumb. When she gets more obvious, accuse her of flirting. Say she is being a pervert and make her laugh. Turn it around on her and refuse to play along at first. Let her believe she is the one making all the effort until she is just about to burst. Then you can slide her a brief but subtle message encouraging the game you’re playing. Be witty and clever. Playful is the name of the game here.

Don’t Be Crude When Sexting With A Cougar

Sexting with Cougars (Read Some Winning Sexting Examples)is not easy, but it isn’t rocket science either. The only big no-no is being gross. Just because we are talking about sex, doesn’t mean you have to be crude. In fact, that is a sure-fire way to make sure the sexting stops quick. Just as in real life, women like to be wooed. This is when you use all your class and sex appeal and count on your animal magnetism to guide you. Remember, it isn’t so much what you say but how you say it. You can talk about oral sex without ever saying the first dirty word. It is all in the delivery.

Sexting with cougars is one of the best part of dating older women. They enjoy the cat-and-mouse characteristic of sexting and revel in getting you aroused in this manner. Enjoy her enthusiasm and look at sexting your cougar as an important part of the relationship. Because it is!


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