A damaged cougar is one who has been mistreated, abused, been through trauma, and usually has some sort of social anxiety or personality disorder. Why, in the name of all that is holy, would anyone want to date such a woman, you may be asking? The answer is rather simply, if a bit romantic. Sometimes she’s worth it. None of us is perfect. We have all been through our fair share of damaging childhood trauma, teen angst, and a plethora of young adult anguish that left scars we will carry for life. What makes her crazy any crazier than your crazy? Unless we are talking about something life-threatening, or personally harmful, you may be able to help her heal enough to heal herself.

It isn’t always easy to tell if your dating a damaged cougar, or if she is just playing games, or simply psycho. The dating game is a circus today, and just because you are dating an older woman don’t expect much difference. There are a few signs that she isn’t just yanking your chain and could really use a stand-up man in her corner.

Requires Physical Validation to Gain Confidence

The confidence of many damaged cougars lies in the response they get to their appearance. Today’s social media influence has all but ruined the ability of humans to get their confidence from within themselves. A vampy, filtered-to-death, pic can instantly get enough likes to instill some self-confidence, at least for a little while. When a woman’s self-confidence is based solely on her appearance it is usually because it is the only thing she feels in control of. She may have been made to believe that her greatest worth is in her looks and sex appeal. A steady relationship of mutual conversation and debate will eventually show her that she has other qualities that people appreciate.

Extreme Jealousy Is A Sign Of A Damaged Cougar

Everyone has feelings of jealousy. It is normal, but we know it isn’t conducive to happiness, so we fight it. We try not to feel jealous of what other people have obtained or accomplished. Usually, we are able overcome those feelings, but it is really hard when it comes to our significant others. Seeing your spouse or girlfriend spending time and attention on another person can be hard. It can hurt your feelings and make you feel bad. The key is to tell yourself that there is nothing to be jealous of and your feelings ae unfounded. Most of us can move on. A damaged cougar will not be able to move on. She will let it fester in her mind until it becomes far worse than it really is. Eventually, she will explode into some crazy jealous behavior and freak everyone out.

If She Has Sadistic Tendencies You’re Dating A Damaged Cougar

A sick sense of revenge and an evil imagination can out a cougar as damaged before the second date if you’re paying attention. Has she told you the sordid tale of revenge she exacted on her ex? If it gave you the creeps and made you look at her just a little differently, she’s probably severely damaged. It takes some pretty serious damage to develop a taste for causing pain to other people. Listen closely for stories like this one and other instances where she relays a delight in sadism. It isn’t cute, its sick.

Trust Issues Is Another Sign Of A Damaged Cougar

Having trust issues to some minor extent is a problem we all face at times, so it isn’t one of the bigger indicators of a damaged cougar. It is still a red flag, however. It means approach with caution. People who have been cheated on a time or two are naturally going to have issues trusting again. Anyone would. It may even take longer than you assumed to get over the past hurt. Eventually, however, a normal cougar will grow into the relationship with you and realize you are not going to further the damage.

It is fairly easy to tell if you are dating a damaged cougar. Just keep your eyes open for repeated irrational behavior. Once you’ve identified it, its easier to deal with. In the end, it is up to you if you can repair her.


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