Why-A-Bored-Housewife-Is-Better-In-BedEveryone gets married with the best of intentions. No one actually gets married thinking; well let’s get this things started so I can hurry up and get boring and mundane. No. No one does that. We all believe the person we marry will be as exciting, fascinating and stimulating as the day we marry them. No one seems to take into consideration that no matter how much we love and care for someone, years of companionship has a way of turning everything a certain dull shade of monotony. People fall into a comfortable routine and before you know it, its years upon years of the same thing. Including sex.

Excitement To A Boring life

Housewives in particular find themselves living dreadfully boring lives after several years of marriage. Giving up career and schooling is something many women want to do in order to raise children and a household that they can be proud of. It doesn’t go without its disadvantages, however. Early years of marriage are busy years. Getting settled into married life and having children take up a lot of time. Once the kids start school, it’s a whole new ballgame for housewives. No longer are they running around behind children, picking up messes, making meals and doing housework. Once the kids go to school, there are less messes to clean up and housework stays done for much longer. It isn’t long before she realizes there just isn’t much to do anymore.

The same thing happens in the married bedroom. After so many years things begin to change and suddenly the wife realizes just how busy she has been. Her marital bed has slipped into something predictable and drab. More often than not the husband is happy with the current situation. He is tired after work and wants nothing more than a beer and a good dinner in front of the television. Changing things now seems counterproductive to many men who have grown used the complacency. They are not only reluctant to change but obstinate against it.

Marriages becoming complacent, children growing up and husbands to comfortable to change force bored housewives to start thinking of alternate ways to spice up their lives. A common cure is to take painting lessons, join a book club or start exercising. Anything that takes their minds off of the humdrum existence their lives have become takes on a new life for them. It’s inevitable that their minds turn to revving up their sex lives. Once a bored housewife remembers she’s a sexual, exciting women, there is really no stopping her. Her sexual fantasies grow and become more vivid and she begins to think about and find sexual situations more often.

Count Your Lucky Stars

Finding a bored housewife at this stage is an unbelievable stroke of good luck. It’s true that many will cheat on their husbands in search of the kind of sex they used to have but many are single or have open marriages (i.e. she and her husband date other people as well). A bored housewife at this stage of the game is a whole heap of fun. She has been thinking about nothing much more than finding and having sex. She has been fantasizing about all kinds of naughty things and dying to try some of them. The urge is stronger as time goes by and eventually she will make a move.

Just Hitting Their Sexual Peak

Housewives are in that strange age where they have cast off all their childish behavior and dedicated their lives to making a home and family but have come to realize that there is still more to life. They spend many hours reliving the best sex of their lives and are more than anxious to relive those types of memories. (When do women hit their sexual peak?) Even if you have found a cheater, chances are she is only using you to get a few nights of exciting sex in her life. You could do worse.

The key to dating a bored housewife is to realize that it is probably short lived. Most of them are out trying to relive those younger days and once they get their fill they will be going back to their homes and families. To some, it is just a temptation they cannot resist. Do not mistake it for devotion or love. Take these relationships for what they are an enjoy the exceptional sexual benefits they offer. Give it your all and allow her to become the sexy woman she used to be and it will blossom into something amazing you both can enjoy.

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