How-To-Pick-up-Lonely-Housewives-At-The-GymRegular visits to the gym are part of every players repertoire. It is much harder to pick up women with a pot belly and flabby arms. While you’re working out, pumping up and slimming down is a great time to use your physique in conjunction with a few clever pick-up lines to land a lonely housewife at the gym. It takes just a bit of know-how to be able to identify a lonely housewife at the gym and know the right things to say.

Be Real

It is important to keep it real when you’re trying to pick up women at the gym. These women go to the gym for a real reason. They are there to tone and build muscle and you should be too. If you’re there for the sole purpose of hooking up, it’s going to be obvious. It is in your best interest to have an actual membership and go several times purely for the work out before you ever approach a woman. It shows that you have dedication and a goal. These are both characteristics that women find attractive in any man, even one who isn’t quite as physically fit as the others in the gym. It also boosts your own confidence level. Once you’ve been to the gym a few times and see the changes it makes in your body you will begin to find real confidence in yourself and your appearance. Women appreciate men who don’t come to the gym to hook-up. They stick out like a sore thumb and more often than not, they actually annoy and make women uncomfortable.

Become a Presence

Getting known in the gym is a great way to start picking up women before you even try. Gyms and health clubs are notorious for having their own set of cliquish catcalls, pecking order and communication. Your first step is to befriend the staff. You don’t have to invite them to lunch but start out by simply waving, smiling and addressing them when you come in or see them in the gym. Talk with all the people you come in contact with, men and women. Choosing to only speak to attractive women will not prove advantageous, however.

Clean and Sweaty

Hygiene at the gym is a confusing thing. You’re working out, you’re going to get sweaty. It is important to be clean even though your sweaty. There is a distinct difference in being sweaty and being dirty. Women expect you to be sweaty during a workout but not have grim on your neck and dirty fingernails. Use deodorant and make sure to properly clean up any sweat you drip on the equipment. Its ok to use a little cologne. Don’t overdo it and make sure it’s a fresh, clean, sporty scent.

Control Your Comments

Never is a compliment so precarious than at the gym. You aren’t the only one sensitive about your body, so are the women in the gym. Obvious fake compliments just bring more tension to the environment. Any compliments at all can be taken wrong. Saying things like nice legs or great gluts can be more harm than good. Stick to talking about the workouts, equipment and the benefits they offer. This should go without saying but no catcalls, wolf whistles or tongue waving is allowed.

Timing is Everything

Your shooting yourself in the foot right at the starting line if you approach any woman at the gym in the middle of a workout or on a machine. Women are focused on their workout, usually with earbuds in or watching television. If you get lucky enough that she actually notices you have talked to her, she’s going to have to stop what she’s doing to respond to you, even in the negative, and that’s a huge pain in the neck. You don’t want to approach her for the first time AFTER her work out either. She will be self-conscious of her sweaty, unkempt appearance and try to hustle away as fast as possible.

Lonely housewives look for places to go that will stimulate them and fill their day, defeating loneliness and boredom. The gym is filled with them because it’s such a great place to concentrate on a task at hand and give it their all. That is also the reason it’s a great place to pick those women up. They are in search of excitement and you could be just the thing. They are also in good shape and willing to work to keep it that way.

Keep these basic tips in mind when you’re going to the gym to pick up a lonely housewife. Remember, it’s a different ballgame than any other place and you have to play it that way. It has its own set of rules and once you master them, your well on your way.

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