Signs-A-Cougar-Is-On-The-Prowl-For-A-Hook-upYou may be a ladies man and know your way around the bar scene but that doesn’t mean you can tell when a cougar is on the prowl. These unique women of a certain age have their own set of rules and live life on their own terms. Understanding how they work takes spending some quality time with a cougar and developing an insight into her life and that isn’t always easy. To know when a cougar is on the prowl you have to be able to recognize some key behaviors and know what they mean.

What A Cougar Is Wearing Says A Lot

A quick trip around the bar can tell you which cougars are out to hook up and which ones aren’t. The first thing to look at is what she is wearing. (What her clothes says about her personality) Cougars have a specific way of dressing when they are going out to get a man. When they go out with the girls, they may dress up but it’s usually is lacks or mid-length skirts with billowy blouses. When they go out to attract a man the typical attire includes tops that show more cleavage and neck. The skirts are shorter and tighter and high heels are always worn. Cougars will also wear more make-up and elaborate hairstyles when they are on the prowl. The make-up and perfume, including lipstick will be constantly checked, powdered and reapplied. The hair may not be exactly elaborate but it will be superbly coiffed and it too will be checked, rechecked and fussed with.

Pay Attention To Who She Is With

Who she is with says a lot about her agenda as well. If she is out with a man or even a few, she isn’t looking for another one. One of them is probably the guy she came with. Even if she is there with a load of male relatives and is looking to hookup, it will be more trouble than it’s worth getting through all those protective relatives. If a cougar is out and about looking for a hook-up, she will be alone or with a few of her girlfriends. Much like men, women serve as each other’s wing women and boost each other’s confidence.

Is She Sending The Signs?

Her activity inside the bar can tell you a lot as well. When she sits at her table or bar stool, if she constantly plays with her empty glass she may be hoping someone buys her the next one. Cougars will also call attention to their mouths by sucking at a straw or drink stirrer. She may run a finger around the rim of her glass and lick the remnants from her fingertips. Going to the restroom a lot is another sign she wants to hook up. Especially if the trip takes her past a group or two of men. She might even ignore table service and sidle up to the bar to order drinks in order to be next to some gentleman she’s had her eye on. She may even bump into you or use her purse to do the dirty work. Paying attention to little signals like this can really help out your long game.

The oldest sign of all is really for women of all ages. Smiling and making eye contact is the oldest and most used sign by any woman looking for a man for the night. (What a smile really says) When a woman looks directly into your eyes and then coyly looks away, you know she’s flirting. By looking directly into your eyes she is making contact with you and letting you know you are the one she has chosen. A soft smile as she looks away is another indicator that she is interested in you.

Once You Spot Your Cougar On The Prowl Take Your Time

Once you notice she is giving off these subtle clues it is up to you to act on them. The key is to take it slow. Just because a woman may be exhibiting a sign or two doesn’t necessarily mean that she is trying to hook up or it may not be you she is wanting. Always be sure to use your manners and be respectful when approaching a cougar. Anything less will not get you very far. You don’t want to come off all strong and then find out that you didn’t take her signals correctly or she wasn’t looking at you in the first place. Instead, take your time and make sure your approach is everything it should be.

While knowing all these signs is a great help when you’re trying to pick up a cougar, you may ot need them. Cougars are notoriously brash and known for going after what they want. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself approached by a gorgeous and wanting cougar of her own volition before the night is up.

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