How-To-Keep-Sex-Just-Sex-When-Hooking-up-With-A-Married-WomanMen go through a variety of stages in their lives. With the passage of years comes a lot of changes in attitude and thought. No one stays the same in every way throughout their entire lives and many people do the most changing in their middle and older years. Younger years are most often spent in wild abandon. Reckless, impulsive actions are common practice. As people mature they become more thoughtful in their actions and the goals and desires they ponder are deeper and more meaningful. Even their sexual dalliances have a more thought out approach than in younger years. Some men decide in their later years that casual sexual relationships are the way to go. Their careers and life obligations at this point are much too demanding to commit to a romantic relationship. They are much easier to handle during a busy time. The pricey dinners and weekend trips are not necessary. Dating a married woman is always a great way to enjoy a casual sex relationship. Married women have a strict time frame and schedule. They aren’t as at ease taking off for the weekend or going on a grand date. The only problem with dating a married woman for casual sex is when she starts to develop feelings and the sex isn’t just sex anymore. Read the ten most importation casual relationship rules.

When In Doubt Blame Your Job

One of the best ways to keep a relationship casual is to really make it known that your job is demanding. Even if you don’t have a job, tell her you do. It’s a good way to get out of all manner of things you don’t want to do. Regardless if its true or not, let her know that the demands of your job are strenuous and do not always allow you much time. Definitely not enough time for a full blown relationship. To be believable you must go into great detail about the major source of the demand at work as well as the time and effort it takes to complete your responsibilities. This allows you to claim you have to work whenever you feel like she is getting too emotional about the relationship. It also gives you a great out when she asks you to accompany her somewhere you’d rather not.

No Planning For The Future

When you’re trying to keep things casual, it’s important to remember to not make any serious plans. The idea in a casual sex relationship is to be casual. Therefore all plans you make should be spur of the moment, last minute and completely spontaneous. No long weekends with romantic dinners and hot tub moments. No, nothing at all that requires intricate plans is part of a casual sex relationship. Its best to avoid any serious topics as well. Being anything but flippant, casual and nonchalant in these types of affairs can lead to trouble. It gives the impression that you are attempting to develop a stronger bond with her and that can be misconstrued as love.

Drop Reminders Every Chance You Get

Just to be on the safe side, you should occasion refer to the casualness of the relationship. Let her know exactly how you see the relationship as well as how much you appreciate it as it is. You also have to refer to the casualness it brings to your own life. Let her k now you just have no idea where you’ll be next weekend or what your plans are for May. Mention how you may take off for weeks in summertime and you spend much of the winter with your brother. As long as you have explained how you view the relationship, she will be able to get a more clear view herself.

Keeping your private life private is the best way to avoid trouble when dating a married woman casually. Do not double date (Read the rules of a double date) with neither her friends nor yours. It is not wise to introduce each other to your friends. It gives the impression that you are a couple. Not only to her but to other people. That can confuse both her and your friends. The last thing you need is your best friend and coworkers asking about your girlfriend in from of the cute girl from accounting.

The only way to keep sex from developing into a major case of emotions is to be straightforward about the relationship from the very beginning. Never let her think that you might be after a more serious relationship. There may be times you feel like doing so will benefit you but beware. It never works out in the long run. Instead, emphasis the good parts of a causal relationship and expound on the personal benefits it gives you two personally. Once she realizes how good a causal sexual relationship is for both of you, she will be as happy as you are with the results.

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