Ah, Riverdale. The new rendition of the old story of the Archie comics. You can catch it on Netflix and it will give you some of the greatest tips on cougar dating that you’ll ever get. While cougar dating has been around for a while, no one wants to share the hot tips that make it happen. You can search online, but those tips don’t always work. Luckily, I caught an episode of Riverdale one evening and found the golden trove of cougar dating advice in the storyline of Archie and his music teacher. Here are the biggest tips I took away from the show. Use them wisely.

Cougars are Attracted to Cubs but There is a Catch

You can’t just be young. That isn’t the only prerequisite to catching a cougar’s eye. Sure, it gets the ball rolling, but you have to have a whole lot more going for you. Dating a cougar doesn’t mean you have to have a lot of money, or even a job, although that is a big help. Cougar dating takes a younger man, but one who is mature, funny and have something going for him. Take Archie, for instance. Slick, cool, and always ready with a quip and a sweet smile.

Timing is Everything

Archie knew what he was doing. He knew he was attracted to his music teacher, Ms. Grundy. He could feel her return that interest. He also knew there was a time and place for everything. They spent the majority of their romantic relationship during the summer break from school. Archie was underage and that will get a teacher arrested and much trouble to a young man. If this is your situation, the only right time is after you turn 18.

Cougar Dating Takes Time

You can tell rather quickly if a cougar is attracted to you, but that doesn’t mean anything will happen. Cougar dating takes time because cougars don’t rush into anything. Their life experiences have taught them that slow and easy wins the race. You’ll get the short, vague, flirtatious comments. You will even get quick little touches on the arm or thigh. What you will not get right away is any sexual action.

Keep it Quiet

The biggest tip you can learn from Riverdale about cougar dating is to keep things quiet until she is ready to reveal it. She may never be ready. She may choose to keep your cougar dating affair a secret for the duration. On the other hand, she could be an out and proud cougar who doesn’t mind showing off her hot young stud. The key is to let her make that decision. Do not tell your friend, your cousin, or anyone else until she gives you permission.

Don’t Be Clingy

If there is one thing that will blow a cougar relation complete out of the water, it is being clingy. Cougars have their own lives. They have responsibilities and obligations. Jealousy is not an issue with most cougars. They are confident and have self-esteem. They love for you show attention, but you don’t have to stay by her side at every moment. She needs her space. The more space and freedom you give her, the closer you will become.

Cougar Dating Takes a Lot of Confidence

If you’re scared, you’re not going to be doing any cougar dating. Cougars love men who aren’t afraid to address them. If you feel she is out of your league, the only way you will truly know is if she tells you. You have to approach her. Even if she initially turns you down, doesn’t mean she isn’t interested. She may just want to gage your reaction. Before you know it, she will tap you on the shoulder and ask to buy you a drink. Riverdale can show you a lot of good lessons about cougar dating. Your best bet is to wait until you are 18. This keeps you cougar from getting into legal trouble and a whole scandal from running through your town. Cougar dating is hot and a lot of fun. It can be hard to restrain yourself. Follow these simple tips and make the most out your cougar dating relationship.


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