What-Every-Guy-Should-Know-Before-Dating-An-Older-WomanDating always comes with risks and rewards, but is almost always worth it. Even terrible relationships that go up in flames at least come with a lesson attached. After a while, though, dating the same cut-out 24-year-old woman every month can get boring. They may all be as unique as the next, but relationships pretty much always feel the same when you’re both in your 20s and trying to figure stuff out. When you mix-and-match age groups, however, things get more interesting.

Most people find themselves in a relationship with someone twice their age at least once, and it’s got just as many perks as it does drawbacks. The one guarantee is that the relationship will be different from what you’re used to in more ways than one, whether it’s serious or just a hookup. With that said, here are a few things you should know about that sexy cougar before you take her out to dinner (or skip dinner and go back to your place).

She will be direct

Did you ever wonder what your last girlfriend was thinking? She always says, “I don’t care,” but dammit you need an opinion sometimes! That’s how you get stuck watching crappy movies on Netflix. Well with an older woman, that is rarely an issue to worry about. She knows what she wants and she knows what she needs form you. At this point in her life, she already knows that having opinions is a good thing. That also means She will call you out on your bullshit if you try She’s been in the game since you were in elementary school. She may have already been married and seen exactly how relationships grow and crumble. If you try to slide something by her, no matter how small, you better believe that she isn’t going to just nod politely and let you keep your misconceptions.

She will have more baggage than you’re used to

It’s no surprise that as you get older, your life becomes more and more complicated. The cougar you’re flirting with was probably married and divorced at some point and already has a host of preconceptions with relationships. She may have an ex-husband or two, some kids, jobs she’s lost or a secret porn career or who knows what. Hey, we all have our own problems, and accruing more just happens as you age. Read the most common baggage people bring to a relationship here.

The sex will be different in a very good way

How were the last couple times you had sex with a woman your own age? Were there any awkward, uncomfortable, or even painful moments? Well, everyone knows that sex gets better the more you do it and your cougar has had way more practice than you can imagine I’m sure. You can guarantee that she knows some tricks that will blow your mind. All she needs from you is stamina, enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn and keep up. Hell, you’ll even pick up some great new techniques!

She will have more experiences than you can imagine

As we age, we meet people and travel and find ourselves in situations that we just know will make killer stories later. She is a person just like any other, and you know she had some wild times that will make any conversation you have with her interesting. Cougars in general tend to be more worldly, more knowledgeable, and have broader interests than you’re probably used to finding in a girl your own age. Hey, she may even inspire you to have some adventures of your own.

She will not tolerate your immaturity

Yea, she knows what she’s getting into dating a younger guy. She wants your joie de vivre and sexual stamina, but she will definitely be annoyed if you bring the 25-year-old immaturity to the table as well. It may seem harsh, but if you think about it, you don’t want her acting too mature either, right? The point is that you both will need to find a balance so that your mental age doesn’t have quite the same distance as your physical age.

People will talk, some get some thick skin

It feels like less and less becomes taboo as we get older and more mature. Dating a cougar, however, is still given the side-eye whenever it’s brought up. It’s not looked on with derision as much as curiosity, but that means your dating life will be the talk of the town, or at least your social circle. So, if you can’t handle being judged by your relationship choices or having your buddies try to talk you out of it, then think twice before asking that cougar to dinner. It will be an experience worth having, but if you can’t stand the heat then don’t waste her time.


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