Top-Cougar-Dating-Myths-DebunkedMost men find themselves in some sort of relationship with an older woman at least once in their lives. Sometimes it’s just a hookup, sometimes it’s a true relationship. Either way, there is still a certain stigma today that comes along with dating out of your age group, and with that stigma comes a variety of myths that are either blindly optimistic or heavily pessimistic about what dating a cougar is really about. So let’s tackle some of the more popular myths around this phenomenon one at a time and see if we can straighten out some of the more glaring misconceptions.

1. Relationships with older women never last

There are a lot of different variables that go into the notion that it’s impossible to have a real long-term relationship with a woman nearly twice your age. Different generations have dissimilar interests, one of you will eventually cheat on the other, etc. Depending on your maturity, this could be true, but there are no actual facts to back it up. If you can get over the stigma, then these relationships can be as stronger as or stronger than the typical.

2. Cougars only want young men for sex

Surely, there are some older women who just want to spend a night in bed with a young guy sporting a fit body. Good for them. When actual relationships blossom between young men and older women, however, sex is rarely the only thing keeping them together. Older women are more mature and have more fascinating experiences and developed interests. Younger men are more unpredictable and lively and keep the cougar feeling young at heart. These relationships stay strong because of mutual respect and completing two halves of a whole. That’s not to say, of course, that the sex isn’t great because it always is. In fact, that is a myth on its own.

3. The sex is short-lived

A big myth is that sex with a cougar is just a fascinating thing to try once or twice and see what it’s like, but then you want to go back to sleeping with women your own age. In fact, the opposite seems to be true for most men who enter into relationships with older women: they can’t go back to sleeping with younger women ever again. Younger women may have younger bodies, but older women can still be extremely sexy and have years of experience under their belt. Younger men dating cougars consistently report more exciting and more frequent sex, more positions used and in more places, and a general less-awkward vibe. Older women know what they like and you can be damn sure they know what you like too.

4. It’s tacky to date a cougar

The term “cougar” has enough stigma on its own on the surface. When you look at what perks of these relationships, however, it’s not difficult to see the appeal. Dating an older woman may seem taboo, but when you think about it, what is tacky about wanting to be with a woman who is classier, more interesting, is better at sex, and is more independent than most women in their mid-20s? People may judge, but as soon as you start comparing how your new cougar girlfriend measures up to past relationships, it’s a no-brainer.

5. Cheating is inevitable

Infidelity in a relationship can happen to anyone, no matter how large the age gap between you is. Click Here for signs your partner is cheating. The argument here is that eventually you will miss having sex with younger women your age or you will just get tired of the inevitable baggage that comes with just being alive longer. The older woman may get tired of your immaturity or just get exhausted. Well, for all of these cases, the general consensus is that the opposite tends to be true. Sure, relationships with an older woman may not last forever, but cheating is rarely the reason for the downfall.

There are plenty more myths that accompany your standard May-December relationship, and complications are sure to come. She may already have an ex-husband or children that come into the picture. You may want to have kids and she may already have some or be too old to want them by now. Every relationship has issues. One consistent acknowledgement to having a relationship with an older woman, though, is that the extra maturity that seems to persist in these relationships tends to make dealing with these issues easier. There is less dependency, less passive aggression, and all-in-all more open communication between you both. Don’t let all the myths get in your way if you’ve found a great partner, regardless of the age difference between you.


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