Emoji-101-How-To-Use-Emojis-Correctly-When-Texting-A-Married-CougarEmoji’s are a part of life now. They are used in everything from sexting to advertising. Even if you don’t have a smartphone you have seen the tiny figures on ads, television and print publications. People of all ages are familiar with them and they have become a popular method of getting a quick message across. See a chart of what every emoji means. Sometimes you can even compose and entire thought or message with emojis and feel confident she gets the drift. The trick is using them properly. It is easy to misinterpret or misunderstand many emojis and suddenly your message is not your message at all. This can be a big problem when your sexting a married cougar. You must know how to use emojis correctly when your sexting a married cougar. Finding a way to express yourself with emojis isn’t easy. It’s hard to tell if its smiling or smirking or maybe simpering. If you can figure out what it’s doing you may not be able to find one that really describes how your feeling and what your trying to impart to your married cougar. Emoji actually means picture letter in Japanese, where emojis originated. Because of this, some emojis don’t mean exactly what you think they do. Now that the American culture has adopted the use of emojis, many are focused on the American culture and you are less likely to mix up something important. Even so, many still look alike with only the slightest variances. The emojis for dizzy and confused are extremely similar, for example. It’s easy to see how someone could use an emoji incorrectly.

Good Reasons To Use Emojis In Your Sext Messages To Married Cougars

There are a few reasons to use emojis in sext messages. They enhance plain text messages by adding color, humor, tone, and clarification. Ever since the first text message was sent, there has been the issue of clarification. It isn’t like talking on the phone where you can hear the other person’s tone of voice and are able to get a feel for the tone of the conversation. In texts you see nothing but the printed word, and often in short hand. It isn’t easy to assume the emotion behind the words. Adding an emoji or two can add a bonus level of comprehension to the message. It takes out the guesswork to a degree and makes the conversation flow smoother and easier. That is, if they are used correctly. One thing to keep in mind is when to use them. Using emojis incorrectly can confuse and irritate the person reading your message. They may not understand and be able to reply or they may just disregard the whole thing as trash. If you’re going to use them in a playful manner, make sure the recipient knows what you’re up too. When your texting a married cougar you really need to keep the fun and games for the bedroom and keep your emoji use to the more practical uses.

Emojis Should Help To Express Your Mood To Married Cougars

Using emojis correctly means learning to use them to clarify your message and impart a sense of your mood and emotional state. The happy face is one of the oldest and most often used. Using it represents a happy countenance and pleasant demeanor. It is used with greetings, salutations, thank-you’s, and congratulations. Use it with invitations and any message meant to convey joviality and warmth. A little variation of the happy face is the big toothy smile. While it is also meant to impart happiness, this one shows more excitement than warmth. It is meant to accompany messages where exhilaration is apparent. Another emoji meant to impart happiness, but something more jokey is the tongue hanging out face. Use this to impart a goofy, joking manner or after a sarcastic come back. It can also say I’m Kidding, to ensure a comment is taken as a joke and not an insult. The straight faced emoji is heading to the other end of the spectrum. The single straight line as a mouth imparts indifference and an I don’t care attitude. You can use it when you want to show irrelevance to the subject at hand. There are also a slew of angry faces to choose from when your pissed off, furious or mad.

Use Emojis Right And It Helps You To Hookup With Married Cougars

Using emojis has become an everyday part of life. People from all age groups use them and see them on a daily basis. It is important to know how to use them when your involved with a married cougar. Use them right and they can be a great tool in your pursuit to hookup with married cougars. They shorten the length of messages considerably, which is always good with a cougar. They also can serve as a type of code if you two can get it together and agree on the meanings. Cougars are no nonsense types of girls. Use emojis to get your messages to them in a quick, clear manner. You’ll be glad you did.


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