Tips-for-Snap-Chatting-with-A-Cougar1People of all shapes, sizes and ages use the Internet and all the apps and sites that go with it. So many people pigeonhole certain web sites as being solely for a certain age bracket or other demographic. That simply isn’t true. Developers may indeed target an audience that they think most likely to enjoy their product most but they all want everyone to enjoy their work. In fact, they hope everyone loves it and uses it often. Just as Facebook was once thought of as for the young, sites like Snapchat and Tinder are thought of as the realm of the younger generation. (See the average of a Snapchat User) People of all types use dating apps and web sites to find casual sex as well as long term relationships.

Snapchat has over 400 million uploads each day, proving that a ton of people use it. Cougars often take to Snapchat to find companionship, just as a member of the younger generations might. There isn’t much difference in Snap chatting with a cougar than with a younger woman but what is different, is important. Knowing how to approach and maintain a conversation with a cougar is a great skill. When the first point of contact is Snapchat, it’s important to know what to do and what not to do. It isn’t difficult. It is mostly common sense and a bit of forethought. One of the most important things to remember is that a cougar is simply a woman but she is a woman with extensive knowledge and life experience which gives her an advantage. With that in mind, follow the tips below to successfully Snap chatting with a cougar.

Take Advantage of the Photo Editing Capabilities

Back in the early days of Snapchat the pics were grain and plain. Recent changes to the app have made it possible to really jazz up the photos you send to your cougar. There are now filters, called smart filters, that allow you to add time, speed and temperature to your pics. Switch to the visual filters to change the pic to black and white or give it a vintage look.

Fonts Draw Attention and Distinguish Meaning

Change the fonts on your captions to larger more aesthetic print by enabling the special text function. Different fonts help portray real feelings and actual intent. It adds a degree of depth to a snapchat message that wasn’t possible in the early days. You can better display how your feeling and the mood of the message with a comical or jovial script. Deeply meaningful messages come across better with elegant script.

Draw Your Strength

Drawing and doodling on your pics has always been a fun part of snapchat. Choosing a color is as simple as sliding across the rainbow color bar. A fun trick not many users know is how to find additional colors other than those on the bar. Dragging your finger from the slider to the left or bottom of the snap will show alternate colors. You can also use an Android device, as they already have the additional color options available. Adding a new color to a pic can make for a fun and happy message. Cougars enjoy men who are well rounded emotionally and able to feel joy and happiness eagerly. So many men are under the impression that you must be stoic and stately to date a cougar. Not true.

Front Facing Flash

A dark and gloomy selfie is any Snap chatter’s worst nightmare but it’s even worse if your chatting with a cougar. These ladies are upfront and candid. They appreciate the same in those they date. Sending a dark and indecipherable selfie is the kiss of death in a cougar/cub relationship. The front facing flash function can stop those worries in their tracks. It brightens up your pics easily by tapping the lightening icon in the upper left corner.

There are a few other Snapchat updates that could be helpful with a cougar such as changing how many besties are showing, replaying snaps and speeding through stories can all help find your way to a cougar’s heart on Snapchat. Familiarize yourself with all the features and find the ones that help you best express yourself and the feelings you want to display.

Snap chatting with a cougar is much like snap chatting with anyone else. The only difference is you want to be aware of a cougar’s distinct capabilities and knowledge and cater to it to get the best chance at seeing more of her. It is still the age old game played by man and woman, only with a twist you have to figure out yourself. Each cougar is a unique individual and although they all express an interest in younger men, each one has their own unique drives and reasons. The part is finding those out for yourself.


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