Step 9 Modern Tactics for Flirting with Married CougarsThe art of flirting is something that seems to be lost on many men. If you want to get with married cougars, it’s in your best interest to polish up your flirting skills. Married but lonely women are starving for attention. They love to be flirted with, and if you do it well, getting them in bed will be a breeze. I can guarantee you that before they got married, and maybe for the first few years of their marriage, their husbands flirted with them. But somewhere along the way, the guy got lazy and stopped putting in the effort. I’m going to outline some simple, modern tactics for flirting with married women that we’ve tested and know work.

Flirting can take on all kinds of flavors. It can be playful and silly, sexy and suggestive, or complimentary. You’ll want to mix it up and give her a little bit of all of those things, depending upon her mood and the situation. If you don’t mix it up it can seem like more of an act than a natural way of communicating. If you’ve given her twenty compliments over the last three hours, but haven’t said anything sexy or made her laugh, she’ll probably start to feel as bored as she would if you didn’t flirt with her at all. So remember that variety is a good thing!

Here’s a great IM conversation one of our testers had with a bored & lonely housewife he met on Lonely Wives Club. He scored with her two days later. It will serve as a great illustration for how to successfully flirt.

Tester: Hey, how’s it going?

Married Cougar: Not too bad. My husband leaves tomorrow morning for a business trip, and I can’t wait to have him gone for a week!

Tester: I know the feeling. Last month my wife went to visit her mother for two weeks, and felt like I’d just broken out of prison!

Married Cougar: Ha! So how do you know what it feels like to break out of prison?

Tester: Wait, I thought I told you about that in my email? Lol. Okay, so I’m actually just basing that on what I’ve seen in movies. Anyway, once the warden leaves, can I entice the most gorgeous inmate I’ve ever seen to meet me for a drink?

Married Cougar: That depends. Are you going to ‘cuff me?

Tester: That depends. Do you like handcuffs or loathe them? I want to make sure you’re with me willingly. I’m not your husband after all!

Married Cougar: Ha! Sure. I’ll meet you for a drink. And as long as you don’t act like my husband, you won’t need to handcuff me to get me to stick around.
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Why The Example Above Worked So Well

Can you see how he worked in all three flirting tactics of playfulness, suggestiveness, and complimenting her without being over the top with any of them? He made her laugh with the prison jokes when they were commiserating about their spouses. He let her take the lead with being suggestive, and waited until she made the handcuff remark, and while his response had a hint of sexiness, it wasn’t lewd or nasty. He also managed to work in a compliment by telling her she was gorgeous in a way that just flowed naturally with the conversation they were having, and didn’t make him sound desperate or like he was lying just to flatter her. Using this combination, he was able to get her to agree to meet him for drinks within a few minutes.

Video chat can be another great modern tactic for flirting, but it depends on your own personal strengths and weaknesses. If you’re a terrible writer, but you’re a smooth talker, video chat is the way to go. Plus, women like to be able to look at a guy while they’re having a conversation. It makes them less nervous about meeting in person. On the other hand, if you’re a decent writer, but you get nervous and stumble over your words when you’re face to face with a woman, video chat might not work as well as plain old instant messaging. Do keep in mind that since the goal is to get this woman to meet you in person, you’re going to have to master the art of flirting face to face, or you’re not going to be very successful at affair dating.

The more you flirt with married cougars online, the easier and more natural it will feel to do it in person, so practice as much as possible. You can also practice flirting with waitresses, baristas, and cashiers as you go about your daily routine, because it will boost your confidence and your skills will increase a lot faster than if the only time you flirt is when you meet an affair. Most guys find flirting awkward and uncomfortable at first, but after practicing on a daily basis for several weeks, almost all of them say that they stop feeling nervous and start having fun. It will be the same for you. Flirting only makes you panic because it’s unfamiliar. Make it familiar, and you’ll have a blast.