Step 7 Keeping Your Profile at the Top of Search ResultsDid you know that most of the best lonely housewife dating sites give preferential treatment to the men who are active members? That means if you join sites like EasySex and Lonely Wives Club, you can’t fill out your profile and think you’re done! If the first day you join is the most active you are on your account, it won’t take long before your profile gets buried under hundreds or thousands of other male members who are more active. Luckily, it’s not time consuming to keep yourself at the top, where you’ll be the most highly visible to the married but lonely women in your city. The more women who can find your profile, the more women you’ll end up in bed with. Here are the most effective ways to make sure that the women who want to meet you can actually find you.

Step 1 – Do Something Every Day
Like I said, this process doesn’t have to suck up a ton of your time. Consistency is the key to your success in keeping yourself visible. For the purpose of profile ranking, spending a few minutes every day works better than an hour once a week. If you can’t imagine what you could possibly find to do on the site each day, I’ll give you plenty of ideas. Log into your account without fail each day. Look for the new profiles of women who’ve just joined and send them a message. Remember, any time a new woman in your area joins, you want to be one of the first guys to make contact to increase your odds, so this is a great way to spend your time. Or you can answer a message from someone who has contacted you. This is important, too, because when a woman initiates contact, if you haven’t replied within a day or two, she’ll move on. Just make sure you’re logging in and doing something so the system will note your presence and keep your profile ranking from falling. Guys who log in and do something on their account on a daily basis are more than seven times more successful at meeting women and getting laid than men who only check their account once a week.

Step 2 – Buff and Polish Your Profile
Update your photo or add some new ones to your gallery. New pictures are especially effective if you have new ones from events where you’re dressed up in a suit or tux, vacation photos from exotic locales, or doing cool things like playing a sport, lifting weights, or playing guitar. Basically, anything that women find sexy, if you do it, document it in pictures. Change the wording you use to describe yourself. Add a funny story or interesting bit of information about something cool you’ve done recently. Not only will this keep your profile from getting lost, if you’re regularly improving it, the new versions might appeal to women who weren’t attracted to you when they read the old one. The longer you’re on the site, the more of a feel you’ll have for what works and what doesn’t, which should mean that over time your profile will become the gold standard for what the guys on these sites should be trying to mimic.
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Step 3 – Get Sexy In a Video Chat Room
While video chat sex isn’t as good as the real deal, sometimes we all just want a quick and easy release that doesn’t require jumping through any hoops. This makes video chat rooms a great way to keep your profile active. Not only that, but if you see a sexy lady that makes you totally hot, but she lives on the other side of the country, you’re probably not going to get to bang her, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy seeing her get naked and playful for your pleasure. It’s more interactive and personal that porn, and in many cases, it’s included in your membership fee, so why not take advantage of it?

Having an active profile will help you meet an affair quickly, and it will keep you tapped in, so that every new bored and lonely housewife who joins the site will be noticed by you, and you can be one of the first to contact them, upping your chances of success. The thing about using these sites to meet women is that the thrill of the pursuit is almost as much fun as actually meeting up, so the time you spend keeping your profile active won’t be a drag. You’re bound to have tons of fun in the process. You might have a hard time getting motivated to start, but once you’re logged in chances are high that you’ll have the opposite problem. You’ll have to set a timer to ensure that you don’t end up spending all day playing around! It’s a lot more fun than sitting around in a bar by yourself, hoping that an attractive woman will finally talk to you. Your daily activity on sites like Easy Sex is one of the most important steps you can take to help you meet lots of hot married women for multiple, ongoing affairs.