Step 6 How to Identify Lonely Housewives & Cougars Looking To CheatYou’ve taken the right first step by joining sites specially for bored & lonely housewives and cougars looking for affairs, but that alone doesn’t ensure that all of the women you try to contact will be ready and willing to meet up for sex right away. A lot of women join these sites who still aren’t sure about whether or not they’ll actually go through with it. They’re curious. They’re lonely. On some level they want to cheat, but they might still have some serious ambivalence. Maybe they’ll come around or maybe they won’t… these are not the women you want to waste your time on. You want to women who already know what they want and will be eager to take your communications from online to in person for hot sex as soon as possible. Here are the signs that will tip you off that you’re not going to have to wait long to get her in the sack.

She Discusses Her Sexual Frustration

The women who come right out and say that they’re sexually frustrated, horny, or that their husbands don’t take care of their sexual needs are going to be the most surefire bets. Most women are at least a little bit shy about discussing such things openly, so when they get to the point where they’re talking about it in their profile or with a complete stranger, it’s probably safe to assume that she’s ready to go. As soon as a woman starts telling you she’s in need of sex, you shouldn’t waste any time in asking her when she’s available to meet up. You’ll probably be getting laid within a few days.

She Tells You She’s Got a Lot of Time On Her Hands

You can’t wait for a woman to directly ask you when you’ll screw her. Women are socially conditioned to wait for the man to do the asking, so if you’re trying to let her take the lead about suggesting when to meet up, you might be waiting a very long time. Trust me, she expects you to be the one to do the asking. She might not ask directly, but she’ll drop heavy hints that she’s available. If she tells you that she’s got a lot of time on her hands, her husband is gone a lot, or that she’s stuck at home bored out of her mind all the time, she’s trying to let you know that she’s available to meet you. Take the hint. Tell her you’d like to help her break out of her rut and have some fun, and suggest a time, place, and location to meet for a drink.

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She Gives You a Lot of Compliments

If a woman on an affair dating site gives you a lot of compliments, she’s interested in meeting up. So if she tells you that you’re handsome, sexy, or that she loves your sense of humor, you know that you’re probably in. Consider this doubly as important if she compares you to her husband in some way, with you coming out in the lead. For example: “You’re so easy to talk to. My husband doesn’t ever want to talk about anything but the bills and football.” Sympathize with the lack of attention that she’s receiving at home and let her know that you’d like to pay attention to her face to face, because she deserves it.

Women with Awesome Profiles

Women who want to get laid fast will put a lot of time and care into their profiles. They’ll choose the most attractive pictures of themselves they can find, taking the time to dress up nicely. Not only that, if the site in question allows it, they’ll probably have several pictures, not just one. They’ll fill out all of their information, including a fairly long, thoughtful description of who they are and the type of guys they’re interested in meeting. When a woman joins out of curiosity, but still has quite a bit of fear about going through with it, she’ll usually slap up a profile quickly. She’ll choose any old picture, and won’t bother to put up any more. Her profile will be bare bones, and may even reflect her uncertainty if she talks about herself at all. Dodge those women. They’re a waste of time. It’s not your job to try to convince a woman that she’s ready for an affair. Go for the surefire bets.

Once you can spot the cougars who are eager and ready to go, you’ll start meeting in person quickly, which is the only way to get laid. The longer you spend talking to a woman online without meeting her face to face, the less likely it is that you’re ever going to have sex with her. The general rule of thumb is that unless there’s a very good reason, you don’t want to have more than two or three exchanges with a woman before you’ve got a date scheduled. Don’t get sucked into believing that if you walk away from a potential hookup that isn’t moving quickly enough, you’re “letting one get away.” For all the time you waste talking with her, you could have met and had sex with three or four other women!