Step 2 Learn to Avoid Common Affair Dating ScamsAfter reading about the psychology behind what married but lonely housewives are thinking, you’re probably feeling like this is going to be a piece of cake and you’re ready to go! You’re right about it being easy, but not so fast there… There’s still a lot more you need to learn before you start trying to hookup with lonely housewives & cougars. If you’re new to all of this, you should know that a lot of the lonely housewife dating sites out there are complete and total scams. Not only that, but even on legit sites you’ll come across the occasional con artist. Don’t let this scare you off, though. The thing about these scams is that there are really only a few variations on the theme. Once you know what they are, they are easy to spot, and you’ll never end up being one of the poor schmucks they take advantage of.

Scam #1 – Horny Housewife Only Wants to Pleasure You

It’s true that most of the time, a lonely housewife makes a great lover. She’s sexually frustrated, pent up, and her appetite is voracious. In all likelihood she’ll rock your world and will give at least as good as she gets. But let’s be clear about one thing: If a woman only talks about what she wants to do to you, how she wants to fulfill all of your fantasies, and never says a word about what she wants, you need to run like hell. These profiles almost always belong to hookers and escort services. Real cougars are not seeking affairs because they’re just dying to pleasure a man and their husband won’t let them! No. They want to have a man pay attention to their sexual needs in all of the ways their husband doesn’t. If they’re not talking about that, I can guarantee you that you’re dealing with a woman who pleasures men for money, not for fun. Needless to say, a woman desperate to please you in bed is most men’s dream come true, so a lot of guys get sucked in by this scam. Don’t fall for it. You could find yourself in some very nasty situations.

Scam #2 – The Supermodel/Pornstar MILF Scam

This is another common scam on lonely housewife and cougar dating sites. If you’re skimming through profile pictures, you’ll notice a wide variation in the looks of the female members. Some of them will be fat and ugly cows, some will fall into the neutral zone of being not really ugly or pretty, just sort of non-descript, and yes, you will also find many beautiful women. You’ll notice that I said ‘beautiful’, not ‘perfect’. It’s true that you shouldn’t settle. Don’t go for the fat old hags… but you also have to be realistic. Any time you see a woman who looks like she could be MILF of the Year, like say, a former supermodel or a porn star, you’ve got to know that you’re dealing with a fake profile. At best, it’s a dead link put up by the site to make men believe that they have a much larger and more attractive female contingency than they actually do. At worst, you’re dealing with hookers, con artists in Nigeria who will try to scam you out of money, or webcam girls trying to lure you to another site to spend money to watch them get naked on camera. Go for the average to sexy-but-not-perfect women. These are the real housewives who will give you great sex without expecting to be paid for it.
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Scam #3 – The Housewife Who Needs a Loan to Come Sleep With You

If you’re ever contacted by someone claiming to be a horny housewife in another state or country, blow them off. You want to meet real women in your area that you can meet for regular hookups. That’s what real bored & lonely housewives are looking for, too. These “women” from far away are con artists setting you up to scam you out of money. They’ll tell you some very convincing story about how they’re dying to get away from their husband for a weekend to come sleep with you, or worse, a sob story about fleeing from an abusive marriage, and they’ll tell you that the only problem is that they’re broke. Once they get their tax return, or start a new job that’s waiting for them in your area, or something similar, they’ll be able to pay you back. And in the meantime, they’ll show their appreciation in blow jobs and all-night sex marathons. In reality, once they’ve got the money, you will never hear from them again. Immediately stop talking to and block anyone who asks you for money.

Scam #4 – The “All of Our Housewives & Cougars Are Perfect 10’s” Sites

Any time you find a lonely housewife site where all of the women are perfect 10’s, you should know that the site is a total scam. The profiles are fake, and you’ll never meet any real women there. These sites are designed with one purpose in mind. They want to take your money. They lure you in by creating fake profiles with stolen pictures of models and porn stars, and once you’ve paid your membership fee, you will send off hundreds of first contact emails to which you’ll never receive a response. Protect yourself by sticking to the verifiable legit sites listed below.

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