Step 1 Understanding the Mind of a Bored and Lonely HousewifeIf you want to have an affair with a bored and lonely housewife or cougar, it’s important to understand the psychology behind Bored Housewife Syndrome. Once you understand how someone’s mind works, and what leads them to feeling and behaving in certain ways, you can use that information to your advantage to help you get what you want. Almost all housewives face the same challenges and frustrations, which means that they’re all looking for the same things to help them escape from their day to day lives.

For a lot of women, when they get married, becoming a housewife seems like a great idea, especially for a woman who has had a high-pressure and demanding career, and has shouldered all of the responsibility of supporting herself. So when she meets a guy who wants her to quit her job to stay home with the kids to clean, cook, and play chauffeur, it sounds like a dream come true. They think they’ll be getting a nice, relaxing break, and that it will feel like a vacation from the pressures of the workplace. Going into it, most of them are blind to the downside of being stuck in the house day in and day out.

Why Housewives Are Bored, Lonely & Seek Affairs

So what exactly is the downside? A typical day might include getting the kids up for school, making breakfast for them and her husband, then making lunches for them while everyone else is eating. After she manages to get everyone out the door, she’ll spend the morning running errands like going to the grocery store, picking up dry-cleaning, and returning overdue library books. When she gets home, she’ll scarf down a quick lunch, then spend the afternoon cleaning and doing laundry. By the time she’s finished with that, it will be time to pick the kids up from school and head to soccer practice. After practice, she’ll rush to make dinner, then she’ll help the kids with piano and homework before collapsing into bed exhausted. Lather, rinse, and repeat, all week long.

In the process of taking care of everyone else, she starts to lose herself. The attractiveness she once prided herself on will begin to fade away as the kids’ extracurricular activity squeezes out her time at the gym and salon. She’ll stop doing her hair and makeup, because it seems like a waste of time when she never gets to go out. Before long, she may even stop getting dressed for the day, because it feels like a waste. After all, she can run to the grocery store and post office in pajamas or sweats, right? Naturally, it follows that her husband’s desire for her decreases, and he doesn’t initiate sex nearly as often, which reinforces her belief that she’s undesirable and boring. Not only does she feel like her husband has lost all interest in her, she’s socially isolated. Since she’s home all day, she doesn’t interact with coworkers or have lunch dates with friends, and she gets lonely. Eventually, she wakes up one day and looks in the mirror only to realize that she no longer recognizes herself.
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Once a woman feels like she has lost herself to her marriage and kids, one of two things will happen. Either she’ll become paralyzed by the depression that settles over her and ends up spending all of her time sleeping or zoned out in front of the TV, or she decides to reclaim herself by any means necessary. For most women, the “By any means necessary,” means having an affair. This is the point at which she will start poking around on lonely housewife dating sites like MILF Book.

How An Affair Can Help Her Self-esteem

Once a woman has decided to seek an affair, she’ll start taking an interest in her appearance again. She’ll set up a married but lonely profile and start looking for men who will make her feel like a woman again. She’s dying for attention. She wants to feel sexy and interesting. And most of all, she’d give anything to have a man screw her senseless… But she’s also fearful. She’s afraid of getting caught and ruining her marriage. So she needs a few things from a guy in order to initiate an affair. She needs to know that he finds her captivating. She needs to know that he wants her, and that he also wants her to enjoy the sex as much as he will. And she needs to know that her secret is safe, because there’s no way in hell he’ll blow her cover.

Now that you know what’s going on inside their heads, you can meet lonely housewives & cougars, and soon you’ll be able to hookup like a pro. In everything from your online profiles, to your email correspondence, to what you say to these women when you meet them in person, you can use your knowledge about their innermost feelings and deepest insecurities to craft your words in such a way that they’ll think you’re both a mind reader and a dream come true. Most women like to believe that they’re completely unique, so it will seem to them like your words are speaking directly to them. They’ll have no idea that all you’ve done is created a script based on a formula that works on literally hundreds of thousands of women.