When you first started dating, you picked the girls who you found the prettiest. The little girl in 4th grade whose hair always smelled like strawberries and bounced the sun like a pie plate in a cornfield. As you grew older, pretty was always important but other things began to matter too. You chose girls you found attractive but also those you had something in common with. The beautiful girl in biology who loved Star Wars movies and collected old bottle caps. As you grew older still, it became apparent that you had to choose dates more by shared interests than by appearance and even though you find physical attractiveness important, a stimulating personality became equally so. Cougars are no different. They have specific things they are attracted to and as they grow older, those things usually become just as non-physical as everyone else. Since any cougar you date is going to be at least ten years older than you are, you can rest assured that she finds more things attractive about you than just your great body and wrinkle-free face. Some people, regardless of age, are most attracted to intelligence. Above and beyond physical appearance, these folks get turned on by intellect. People like that are called sapiosexuals and they are more prolific than you might think. There are a few signs that the cougar you are dating is a sapiosexual.

Your Cougar is a Sapiosexual if it Took a While to Get Her to go Out

When you are attracted to something other than appearance, it takes a while to find it. You can look at someone and tell within an instant if you find her attractive. However, when a great sense of humor, or intelligence is a turn on, it takes a while to figure that out. It can seem like she doesn’t like you, or that she’s way too cautious. Maybe you’re thinking she doesn’t trust you or isn’t comfortable. In reality, she could just be falling madly, crazily, happily in love with your mind. If you have become pretty good friends before she let you take her out, it is a good sign that your cougar is a sapiosexual.

Your Cougar is a Sapiosexual if You Have Long Dep Conversations on the Regular

Sapiosexuals love picking your brain. It’s like Spanish fly or oysters on the half shell for a regular gal. When you have deeper, wittier, and more intellectual conversations with your cougar than with anyone else in your life, she obviously digs your brain and how it works. Do your text messages with her entail more than blatant flirting and basic small talk? When your texts and talks are varied and full, it is a good sign that your cougar is a sapiosexual.

Your Cougar is a Sapiosexual if She Doesn’t Think Your Muscles are Your Greatest Feature

Getting a good physique is hard work. It takes severe discipline and steadfast determination. It is no small feat to determine the perfect diet, the right amount of exercise and the perfect lifestyle to maintain a flawless muscular form. It isn’t surprising you are proud of it. You’re quite used to the stares of women your own age, so when the cougar you have been dating doesn’t seem to take notice of your bulging biceps, it can come as quite a surprise. It doesn’t mean she isn’t to you though. It can mean she is a sapiosexual with a larger interest in your train of thought than your triceps.

Sapiosexuals come in all shapes, sizes and ages. There are no prerequisites. They don’t come from a specific area or time zone. They don’t eat certain foods or have common characteristics. Sapiosexuals are just like everyone else. The only difference is that they are more attracted to your mind and thoughts than your looks or what’s in your pants. If your cougar is a sapiosexual, you can count yourself lucky. You don’t have to b an expert lover, or a millionaire. To please your sapiosexual cougar, you just have to able to carry on an intelligent conversation and be open to new ideas. An open mind can be a very sexy thing. Use it to your advantage.


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