There is no doubt that cougars are sexy. It can be hard to pass up an invitation for sexy fun when a hot cougar propositions you. A you can think about is her warm embrace, her smoldering eyes, and those deep, lingering kisses. There are so many perks to dating a cougar, you can’t count them all. Sexy and independent are just the beginning. They are established, stable, and accepting of you and life’s idiosyncrasies easily. Dating a cougar is not only hot, but its easy. They are above and beyond the drama of younger women. The one thing that can ruin it all is when your cougar is a married woman. While there is that one slim chance that your affair with a married cougar will work out, more than likely it will turn out disastrous. Here are the top five signs dating that married cougar is a bad idea.

She is Never Going to Leave Her Husband

The percentage of affairs that end with a divorce and the other man winning is very few. More often than not, an affair happens in the first place because the married couple hits a rough patch. Sex becomes a bit monotonous. The relationship gets mundane and things become boring. An affair spices things up in the bedroom, which makes everything seem more exciting for a while. Once that excitement wanes, however, your cougar will begin to feel the old flames rekindle for her husband. Alternately, she may even dump you for an even newer model when things get dull. What she will most likely not do, is leave her husband for a younger lover.

You Will Never Be Number One Priority in Her Life

Married cougars have a whole life they are living outside of any affairs. Your cougar has a husband, children, job, home and a million other things to keep her busy all day. Those things are important to her. More important than you. Her husband and children will come before you every time. She will cancel plans for a ballet recital, ball game or because her husband needs her to whip up a fancy dinner for his new client. No matter how much she professes to love you, her family will always come first and there is nothing that will ever change that.

She Sleeps Around

There should be no doubt about it. If you have a married cougar for a girlfriend, she has multiple sex partners. You know from the start she is sleeping with her husband. It should come as no surprise if you find out that besides the two of you, she has slipped a little to the gardener and the grocery bagger as well. She may tell you she is not sleeping with anyone other than the two of you NOW, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been dipping into the local cub pool recently enough to give you an STD. Anyone who cheats will do it again.

You are Really Just an Emotional Sounding Board

When a cougar is in a bad place in her marriage, it helps to talk to someone. Many affairs start this way. You lend an ear and the next thing you know, you’re lending other, more intimate body parts as well. That situation is not uncommon. Pouring out your heart and bearing your life’s most intimate details can make you feel very close to one another. It isn’t at all surprising when it leads to sex. Before you know it, she is simply using you for comfort without ever intending to leave her husband for you.

You Could Get Your Ass Handed to You

The very best reason of all not to date a married cougar is incurring the wrath of a ticked off husband. You may get lucky and find a husband who is just ready to end it, isn’t violent, or never finds out, but the vast majority of affairs end with the husband beating the daylights out of the other man. Even if you win the fight, you’ll end up with a very bruised ego when she goes back to him. Men fighting over her is every woman’s dream and seeing the man she married still carrying a torch for her is very intoxicating.

Dating a cougar is a lot of fun. Just find one that is single to avoid all the trouble that comes with dating a married cougar.


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