Cougars are ladies over the age of 30 who prefer the company of younger men. A cougar can be any type of woman from someone who has had a long and happy marriage, to a widow, or a lady who has never been married. She may have come out of a bad relationship or had a lengthy career that dominated her life. Men often forget all this and think of a timid MILF looking for a fun way to spend her idle time. Cougars are only women, but women who have lived full lives and are confident in their abilities. They search for dates just like any other woman. It should come as no surprise that there are plenty of cougars on Tinder.

Cougars on Tinder are approachable

Cougars are on Tinder because they want to date. Many guys are afraid to make the first move, or even try to attract a cougar. In truth, cougars on Tinder are friendly and approachable. These women are confident and have great self-esteem. They have already worked through the issues younger women are still battling and see life with much more enthusiastic eyes. The key is to be authentic in your approach and not come off as conceited or a blow-hard. Those are two characteristics cougars (and most women) on Tinder hate. Instead of the usual come-on you always open with, you’ll have to come up with some intelligent or at least witty to interest a cougar on Tinder.

Cougars are on Tinder because it’s easy

Cougars are super busy. They have full lives focused on their careers, family, friends, and social responsibilities. Sometimes, they are even advancing their educations or expanding their business. Time is precious for these gals and they want to squeeze in all the life they can get into every second. The simple swipe technology fits right into their busy lifestyle. Just like everyone else, cougars on Tinder want something that works fast. Cougars are common on Tinder and usually use the app every day. They answer promptly and enjoy a fun conversation.

Cougars on Tinder make use of the age settings

Cougars on Tinder have an agenda. They are there to meet younger men. It may be a hook-up she has in mind. Perhaps she’s just looking for the occasional casual date or maybe even open to a long-term thing. She could be open to anything but what she knows for certain is she’d prefer to do it with a younger man. Cougars on Tinder make sure to use the age settings to get matches in the age range they desire, and you should too. Cougars on Tinder count on you to set her age as your preference. If you have noticed that you aren’t getting the age matches you want, make sure you have your settings right.

Spotting a cougar on Tinder

You’ve checked your settings but still no cougars have crossed your path. Sometimes Tinder just doesn’t cooperate and for whatever reason you aren’t getting matches in the age group that you want. There are several great ways to spot a cougar on Tinder. Look for the hottest pics you can find. Cougars usually post some pretty hot pics. Younger women post barely covered tits and duck lips. Cougars post a gorgeous smile and sparkling eyes over ample cleavage displayed creatively classy. You can also tell a cougar by her confidence. Cougars are outgoing, vivacious and a lot of fun. Another great telling point for a cougar is how fast she responds. Cougars have no time for games and no patience for fuckboys. See the Stats — Age breakdown of users on Tinder

Cougars on Tinder, and any other dating app, are very common. They are just women looking for a relationship of some kind. The key to finding a cougar on Tinder is to become familiar with their likes and dislikes. Be aware of what makes them tick and how to engage in a conversation that will stick with her. Cougars are super savvy when it comes to dating. Remember, they have been around the block a time or two. While it may not be her first rodeo, she does remember al the tricks. Come at her with respect or you may get your feelings hurt.


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