You always wanted to date a cougar and now you have but it wasn’t all that great. Or maybe you fell into it on accident and it wasn’t what you really wanted to do. Perhaps even, you had a good time while it lasted but things have turned sour. For whatever reason, you now feel like it’s time to leave your cougar and move on. It will be a lot easier than you think it will. She is a cougar after all. Most cougars are far more accepting of the inevitable break up than most girls your own age. Not only do they expect it at some point but may be just as eager to end it as you are. The key is in the timing. Here are some sure-fire signs that it is time to break it off with your cougar.

Your Cougar Has Wandering Eyes

By definition, a cougar is an easier going gal than her younger sisters. That doesn’t mean she should have eyes for every young stud that crosses her path. Cougars love an appreciate younger men. Not just as eye candy but as paramours, confidants and friends. They like the freewheeling nature and energetic personalities just as much as the flat tummy’s and bulging biceps. If you notice your cougar has an eye for everyone’s physique, it may be time to move on.

You’re Going One Way and Your Cougar is Going Another

Dating a cougar is something everyone should do at least once. It is an eye-opening experience that can teach us more than one thing. It is a passage to manhood of sorts and something that lingers in the memory far longer than your first date or even kiss. That doesn’t mean it is meant to last very long. A sexual relationship doesn’t have to be something that lasts a lifetime or even a few days. If you feel that the two of you are going in separate directions in life, it could be that your time is through, no matter how long or short you have been together.

Your Cougar Lives in the Past

A lot of men, younger and older, do this as well. Sometimes people just can’t let go of some part of the past. Friends, ideas, relationships and glory days of the past can haunt a person I present day. They seem unable to move forward or forever comparing their present life to days gone by. It is almost impossible to move on an achieve in your life if your living hindered by the past. This is especially true in a sexual relationship. Great Article: How to let go of the past.

Talking with Your Cougar is Not Easy

Talking with your cougar or any mate should be easy. It should not be strained or difficult. If It’s hard to come up with an easy flow of conversation, there could be something wrong with your relationship. Relationships suffer when people cannot have open and heartfelt conversations. People, even platonic friends, need sincere conversation. When that is missing in any relationship, it is no longer fertile ground capable of supporting a personal relationship.

Your Cougar is Too Different from You

Does it seem that everything you find important, she doesn’t? Do you butt heads when you discuss politics? Are you on two opposite sides when it comes to religion? When you cannot agree on any of the major issues in life, it may be a sign to move on.

Pet Peeves Become Your Cougar

Everyone has pet peeves about their partner and even their friends and relatives. The way they chew, walk, talk or hold the telephone can all get on your nerves. Some things are seriously gross or weird and the people in your life expect you to take it because you love them. Often, those small things add up to the point where that is all you can see about the other person. They become the pet peeves you hate. There is no turning back from that and it is at that point that it is time to move on.

The only real way to tell if it is time to break it off with your cougar is in your own emotions. You are the only one who can tell. Pay attention to how much joy the relationship gives you. If the bad outweighs the good. It is time to move on.


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